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How to Get Rid of Fat

Being weight conscious is not something that you have to be ashamed about. If you want to be healthy, that is your prerogative and no one can tell you to do otherwise. This is not even about being vain or wanting to be socially accepted; this is mainly because you want to be healthy. With all the new and continuous occurrence of illnesses, it is very wise to eliminate one and the most usual predisposing factor of almost all the illnesses: sedentary lifestyle.

Eliminating fat in general would be a challenge as this should be done religiously. The key is to be knowledgeable and accepting that you have something that you want to get rid of. Also, you have to be consistent and persistent. If you have these traits, you will be able to achieve your goal to lose weight.

Modify your diet

Again, DIET does not and will never equate to STARVING. That would just make things worse. The best thing for you to do is to plan your diet. Your daily food intake should have a balance on the following food categories: protein, carbohydrates, fiber, organic sugar, vitamins and minerals. It is not right to completely erase carbs or meat in your diet as this will defeat the purpose of being healthy. MODERATION is the key.

Watch your calorie intake

Aside from modifying your diet, you should be also able to know the desired calorie intake for you. Calories are very important to keep us going. However, the excess calories are the ones that hide and stay in our body making us gaining unwanted weight. Your IBM or Ideal Body Weight depends on you calories intake as well. According to the American Heart Association, for women, it would be approximately 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day. For men, it would be 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day. Again, plan your diet and maintain the right amount of calories for you.

Personal trainer

Losing weight isn’t all that hard.  What you’re going to find is that over time, you’re just going to have to watch your diet and calorie intake.  Since each and every body is different, you may want to meet with a personal trainer in order to help you with your dieting program.  While these trainers can be costly, they can be worth it since they will be there to help motivate you as well as tell you exactly what you should be eating.

Aerobic Exercise

Diet is very good but if you want to lose more and be physically healthy as well, exercise should be your next best friend. Aerobic exercises can help you in two major ways. First, it aids in exercising your heart thus making it healthier. Second, it can help you burn all the excess calories you had before. Aerobic exercises can be as simple as walking, jogging or running. It can also be as fun as playing basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer or tennis. You can do as many exercises as you want as long as your heart is accelerated and sustained. Remember, the goal is to burn more calories than what you are consuming.

Anaerobic exercises

This is also called as weight training. Lifting objects can build stronger muscles that make you more physically fit. It can also build leaner muscles that can use up all the excess calories that are stored in your body.

What worked for you?

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