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How to Get Rid of Fatigue

Fatigue is something that almost everybody has experienced one way or the other: whether you are a businessman who has to meet a lot of deadlines, a mother who spends her day taking care of her kids or even a regular student who is working on school projects. The feeling of being so exhausted and weary is kind of what fatigue is. Scientifically, fatigue is synonymous to tiredness and lethargy. It is often used as a way to describe a range of afflictions. For some, it is a normal response to a specific extent of physical exertion, emotional stress, boredom or just lack of sleep. However, it can also be a non-specific sign of a more serious psychological disorder.

Maintain a regular sleeping pattern

Because lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of fatigue, a person who constantly don’t get enough sleep on a day-to-day basis, the term for that is ‘sleep debt’. Now, if your sleep debt will grow, it would definitely result in physical and maybe in mental fatigue. So the easiest remedy for this is to get enough sleep. However, for some who are not used to this routine may have some difficulties. So the best way to do this is to adjust your daily routine and squeeze in sufficient time to sleep—enough for a day’s worth of energy. According to the National Sleep Foundation in the United States, it is best to maintain eight to nine hours for adults. But if you feel that this is too much for you, you can always adjust in order to strike a balance between sleep and work.

It is best to sleep at the same time every day, even if it’s a weekend. That way, your body gets used to the schedule and will eventually follow that pattern.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet includes a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and just the right amount of calories. For vitamins and minerals, a daily intake of a multivitamin tablet is enough. You can also, eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. As for the calories, that would mean eating the right kind of foods. This is going to be a challenge for those who are living a very busy lifestyle. You would often opt to eat fast food and junk foods which is very wrong and will just worsen your condition. You can pack lunches or order healthy take outs from restaurants. Also, replace junk foods with fruits and juices. Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake as they eat up you energy and make you more tired.

Moderate exercise

It may sound contradicting but a regular exercise can really help you lessen your fatigue or eventually get rid of it. Think of it as ‘warming your engine’. When you exercise early in the morning before starting on your day’s activities, your heart gets pumped out in a good way. It causes your body to release certain chemicals that makes your body alert and ready for the day. A simple brisk walking and stretching is enough. Lastly, never forget to do breathing exercises while doing your exercises.

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