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How to Get Rid of Fears

According to Webster, fear can be summarized as a distressing emotion that can be aroused by impending danger, evil, pain and many more—whether the threat is real or imaginary. Fear is something that almost everybody experience. There are a lot of things that stimulates our fear and it is never ok to be scared and not do something about it—especially if it is already consuming you as a person. Too much fear with paranoia is called phobia.

We experience fear in our everyday lives. They say that fear is the only thing that keeps us from doing silly things. In some ways, it is very true. Sometimes, it is but the most normal thing—being scared. Fear of telling the truth, fear of confrontation, fear of being embarrassed and so on. Fear can be something that can make us stronger but it could also something that can make us hold back on things that we really want to do. So here are some things that you can practice to help you get rid of you fear.

Know your fear

It is imperative that you are knowledgeable of your own fear. The first thing that you have to do is to accept that you have this fear. If you continue to refuse this thought, you will never overcome it. You can write in a small notebook all the things that you think scares you the most. Also, narrate short but profound instances that you were actually faced by such fears. Think of this as a diary or a blog. The purpose of this is to continuously let you think about the fear and unconsciously, your mind getting used to it. Experts say that fear builds up more when it is not expressed. If you are not comfortable with writing them down, try to talk to your best buddy more often and just let it all out.

Confront your fear

If you continue to hide from your fears, you will never be able to overcome it. CONQUER YOUR FEAR, they always say. However, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t try to do it in one day. Do it in moderation. As you are faced with your fear slowly, your body and your mind will eventually get used to it and you will finally notice that there is nothing to be scared about. Constantly challenge yourself. At the end of it all, you will realize how strong you are and you will be able to do this more often.

Be optimistic

Life is full of hardships and that leads us to certain fears. Not so optimistic there, right? Think of it this way: life is full of challenges that can make you stronger. Try to find the light in every situation. Think of the things that you might gain instead of the things that you might lose.

What worked for you?

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