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How to Get Rid of Fence Posts

Fence posts are the one that holds your fence in position. Not only that this is very important to have a good foundation, it also serves as a decoration as these fence posts can be styled in different ways. However, there are times that the fence post can grow stale and it will not look that good anymore. A fence post should have a tremendous amount of force against them each time the wind blows. And since because fence posts are made of wood, there is really a great possibility of deterioration.

Removing fence posts can be quite a challenge so you have to make sure that you are ready to spend long hours and get ready to be on your back for the entire process. Also, if you can have people who can help and assist you, that would be very great and will make this project faster.

Use a lever to pull them out

This can be very challenging as fence posts are really set to be deep in the soil for stability. If it set on soil, pulling them out is very possible. First thing that you have to do is to remove the dirt or soil that surrounds the posts. Get as much as soil as you can. Next is that you have to measure up about a foot from ground level and drive a nail halfway into each face of the post. Then, grab a couple of brick and stack them at the edge of the area that you dug out. Create a lever by laying a heavy piece of lumber across the bricks. Now, using a rope, wrap it around the post under the nails to hold it in place. Now, tie the ends of the rope to the lever and press down the other end of the lever. If you have a friend to assist you, let him/her stand on the other end to provide more weight thus pulling the post quickly.

Use a post puller

A post puller is specifically and uniquely designed to pull out fence posts no matter how deep they are in the ground. The best thing about this is that actually works with just minimal efforts. If you don’t own one of these, you can rent it—again, it doesn’t get any easier than this. So, if you have the post puller, place it near the fence post and attach the chain to the post. Next is to close the valve and start pumping. Afterwards, the extremely quick manual 8 ton ram quickly pulls the post even how deep it may be. When you notice that the post is loose and near the top already, you can use the handle as a lever to lift the post as quick as possible. The advantage of this is that there will be no back breaking activity while doing this method and you can have good results every single time.

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