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How To Get Rid of Feral Cats

Ever had a stray cat that always ruins your lawn? Do you want to know how to get rid of them? Feral cats have been a problem in everyday life. Not only do they sometime freeload with your pet’s food, they may unintentionally intrude in your personal space as well. Feral cats spell nothing but trouble and you may want them gone as soon as possible. If you want to keep feral cats away, here are some methods that would not make you guilty into getting rid of those stray cats.

Get a Yard Guards

These nifty devices will emit a high pitched sound that can’t be heard by the human ears and prove really annoying to cats. Of course this wouldn’t be an option if you own a pet cat or want to save power as  they require some electrical energy before it could work.

Orange scent

Cats hate the smell of orange so orange flavored repellant can keep those feral felines out of your yard before long. Apply to where you want those cats to stay away from and you can a have a good smelling and cat free place to relax.

Get rid of items that may attract the cat.

If you are a victim of the same cat for a long time, then getting rid of what they find in your yard increases the chance of it not coming back. If prove ineffective, take the feline to animal control and let them deal with the cat.

Keep an eye out for newspapers and flyers

They might have a picture of the cat terrorizing your space. If so, look for the contact information and send a picture of the cat to the publisher to confirm that it is a lost cat so it could be returned to its owner as soon as possible.

Help the feral cat

Take a picture of the cat and post it on flyers and the internet. They could be lost pets or pets that ran away. Do the right thing and try to help the poor cat if nothing else.

Call animal control for assistance

If available in your area, ask for animal control to help with your feral problems. It is their job and duty to well, control the animals and if you think your garden is starting to attract wildlife, have animal control take “control” with a simple phone call. You can also call the SPCA. They often know what to do and could address your stray cat problems. Listen to their advice and take appropriate action.

Take action

You could take care of the cat yourself and bring it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. They will take care of the cat and your place will be feline free. Everybody wins.

These are some ways to keep those annoying cats out of your lawn. This is of course, not limited to the actions you may take but you may find these methods as human and a favor to nature. Don’t hate on the cats just because they are stray. Try to help the poor dears and follow these methods. You will be glad that you did and feel good that you know you helped another life. Plus, you won’t hear that annoying meow that keeps you up at night anymore.

What worked for you?

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