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How To Get Rid of Ferns

Ferns can be beautiful in one garden. It can even help to make the air fresh. But sometimes, ferns just pop out of nowhere and grow on places where it is not necessary to be at. Also, if you have a garden for a certain species of plants and ferns start to grow, they might become a threat for the soil nutrients that are supposed to be for your garden plants to get. At a situations like these where ferns grow at the wrong place, you might feel like you want to remove them. Here are some tips on how to get rid of ferns.

Use chemicals

Although some people do not like to use chemicals when it comes to gardening, it is still one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted plants and grasses. You can purchase herbicide from the local store, preferably Glyphosate herbicide as this kind are quite friendly to the soil and other plants. Before you spray on herbicide on the unwanted fern plants, remember to wear proper gardening apparel to protect yourself from any undesirable side effect of herbicide. Just spray some herbicide for a few days on the leaves of the ferns.

The hand-pull method

Pulling the ferns from the soil is one of the messiest but the most effective and eco-friendly ways of getting rid of ferns. But of course, this is only applicable if you only have some few fern plants to remove. Just simple dig the soil around the fern and pull it out. You can also try this in addition to the herbicide method. If you see that the herbicide has taken effect after a few days, you can pull out the ferns using your hands.

Mow and rake them up

If you do not want to get too dirty hand-pulling the ferns, you can try to mow down the ferns. Cut them up but be sure to do some raking afterwards to avoid revival. Ferns do live long and simply cutting those down might not be as effective. Be sure that you have cut and raked them from their roots.

Cook them

Cooking ferns does not literally mean that you cook them. Cooking ferns and other weeds is a process called soil solarization. You can do this by getting landscaping or gardening plastic which you can put around the soil covered by ferns. The heat will be trapped inside it which will kill the ferns from the roots. This takes time but it can be quite effective especially if the ferns are not yet fully grown.

Make it a living

If you are a bit of a marketer, you can make a living out of ferns. Some people love ferns on their garden. You can try to advertise and sell your unwanted ferns on your neighborhood or add them to online store listings and see if anyone is interested to buy them. This way, not only were you able to get rid of those ferns, you were also paid for it!

There are loads of different classifications of ferns. Most of them are great for serving as a decorative plant. It adds life to a green pasteur and they make a home look naturally beautiful. However, some ferns can be quite annoying especially when you do not want them to appear. If you want to get rid of ferns, always remember to wear protective gears before trying fern removal methods.

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