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How To Get Rid of Ferret Smell

Ferrets are cute animals and people, especially kids, love to play with them. However, ferrets have an offensive smell and it only takes a few moments before it can get to you. If you have a pet ferret, probably know how smelly they can get. If you have recently played with a pet ferret, you can get that undesirable odor too if their smell is powerful enough (and at most times it is). If you want to know how to get rid of ferret smell, you can read and do these following tips:

Proper bathing and hygiene

No matter how many times you try to bathe your ferret, their musky smell will stay so you can hardly do anything about removing your ferret’s smell. You must know that ferrets naturally smell this way so you can never get rid of this even though you wash them a lot of times. As a matter of fact, ferrets should not be washed very often as their skin will get to dry, making it produce more skin oil which can even make their odor more even powerful.

You must also take note of your ferrets ears and teeth. Over time, wax will build on your ferret’s ear so remember to use cotton swab to clean them. Also, you should get special brush and toothpaste for your ferret to avoid bad breath.

Proper and clean cage

Ferret smell can be lessened when you clean the ferret’s cage properly. Just take the time to clean their cage once a weak and keep the mini ferret furniture in place. Replace their bedding regularly, clean their litters, food boxes and everything on your ferret’s house. Ferrets are also intelligent and can be litter-trained so if you want your ferret’s smell to become a bit lighter, you can train them to be hygienic.

If you think you have done everything to clean their cage but it still stink after you put the ferret back in, this may be because the cage is too small and poorly ventilated. Ferrets move a lot so a spacious cage and good ventilation is needed to lessen that ferret smell.

Balanced diet

You must serve your ferret with only the nutritious foods that will promote their health. Serve them with foods that are good for you such as food containing healthy fibers. Avoid giving them foods that you need to avoid as well such as foods with bad fatty acids.

Promote a happy environment

If you keep your ferrets happy, their disposition will be much better. Remember, when ferrets are frightened or scared, they might emit more undesirable ferret smell, so keep them away from dangerous places and animals. Also remind people around to approach them in a nice way.

Surgical procedure

Although it is not yet widely promoted, there are some experts who administer surgical procedure to remove the ferret glands that produce their smell. This is quite costly and can risk your ferret’s help. Some people also disapprove of this procedure so do think before choosing to send your ferret to undergo surgery.

Ferrets are happy and clean animals despite of their smell. The best thing to do if you are an owner or a soon to be owner of a ferret is to know the basics on how to take care of them. That way, you will master how to take good care of your pet and how to get rid of that extra nasty ferret smell.

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