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How To Get Rid of Field Mice

Rodents are one of the leading pests that invade houses. One particular type of rodent that is commonly found running around household yards is field mouse. A field mouse, as the name suggests, lingers around bountiful fields and yards. So if you live in an area where there is abundant vegetation, you may often encounter field mice.

Getting rid of field mice can be a bit challenging but you should try to get rid of them right away as they will just multiply and become more destructive overtime. Here are some ways you can follow in order to get rid of field mice.

Take away all possible food resources

Field mice are attracted to places where they can get many food resources. If there are a lot of things in your yard that can be edible for field mice, then they will definitely take frequent visits to your lot. So as much as possible remove any food leftover around your house. Field mice particularly love foods for your pets, bird seeds and even plant seeds. So if you have them around, remove them or place them in an area where the field mice have no access to. Field mice also need water so do not leave stagnant water in your lot.

Keep your yard clean

While a clean yard may be attractive to humans, it is the other way around for pests like field mice. Field mice do not like to stay on clean areas because they will be easily spotted there. But if there are many piles of rotten wood pieces, fallen leaves and dead grasses on your lot, then the field mice will easily have places where they could hide so they will stay in your yard. That is why you should keep your yard clean at all times to discourage field mice from visiting you.

Clean your house

If you clean your yard, then you should clean your house too. Field mice might have already gained access to your house. They can be found on attics, basements, decks and other secluded areas in your house. That is why you should take the time and effort to clean and organize every side of your home. Not only will you be able to get rid of field mice in this way, but you will also boost up the cleanliness of your surroundings and shoo away other germs and bacteria.

Seal openings

If you find openings, holes, and cracks on the walls, then you should immediately seal them. These openings might already be serving as the entry points of field mice, so you must cover it.

Set up mouse traps

There are many types of mouse traps that you can find at the home improvement shop. There are those glue traps, catch-release traps, cage traps and a whole lot more. For treating field mice inside the home, using glue traps is advisable as it is more humane. For field mice in the yard, catch0release type of traps can usually do the job well.

Call pest control

If the number of field mice in your lot seems to grow and things are getting out of your control, then you should call pest control. Have them help you by paying some service fee. While it may cost you some money, it will save you the trouble of chasing around field mice.

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