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How To Get Rid Of Fig Beetles

Fig trees are really nice addition to any landscape. Not only will it beautify your yard, but it also can give you a lot of benefits. However, fig trees will not be able to provide you its usefulness when it is being under attack by insects, and what are these insects that love to wreck fig trees? They are none other than fig beetles. Fig beetles are small, tiny insects that are green in color. They are commonly found on fig trees, hence the name. They also attack other fruits with soft skin like tomatoes, peaches, plums and the like.

Fig beetles will damage your trees by feeding on the fruits. But even though they generally attack the fruits, they can make the whole tree become weak and even die. The sad news is that removing fig beetles can be really challenging. They are not as easy to get as other insects you find on trees. Nevertheless, there are still some tricks you can do to get rid of fig beetles. Here are some tips that you can make use of when removing fig beetles.

Attack before it gets in season

Fig beetles are most active during summer. That is why it is best that you attack them during springtime when they are still young. Fig beetles usually come from waste materials on your yard. If there are many waste materials on your yard, you should get rid of them and dispose these things properly. Fig beetles will emerge from pile of grasses and fallen leaves and they will start to climb the trees once they become adult beetles.

Keep the water coming

When you see that little beetles are starting to grow on the compost in the ground, then what you can do is to flood the soil. If you keep the water coming, the little fig beetles will drown and die. You can just place a garden hose near the area where the fig beetles are coming from. Then, open the tap so that the water runs in minimal pressure. Let it be opened for a few hours until the soil becomes soaking. You can do this for a few consecutive days to ensure that the fig beetles will be flushed out. However, do not do this method everyday as you may also end up drowning your fig tree.

Set up a wire cone trap

Wire cone traps are one of the most popular traps for beetles and other insects that infest trees. That is why it can work effectively with fig beetles. Just look for a step by step instruction on how to make a wire cone trap, or you can ask a friend who knows how to do one. This can help you eliminate fig beetles in your fig trees, and fig beetles from other lots as well.

Harvest the figs

In order to prevent fig beetles from attacking your fig trees, you should harvest the figs as soon as they have become ripe. Do not wait until the figs fall down the ground. Chances are these fruits have already been eaten up by the fig beetles. If there are less fruits in your fig tree, the fig beetles will not be too enticed to climb up your trees and feast on small amounts of figs.

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