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How To Get Rid Of Fish Flies

Spring is one of the liveliest seasons. It is when the flower blooms again and the animals become active after the cold season. However, it is not only the beneficial creatures that resurface during springtime. Even those unwanted plants and weeds, pests and insects appear to bring nuisance again. An example of an insect that becomes widespread during spring season is the fish fly, also known as mayfly. Fish flies got its name particularly because they are usually spotted in near the water, and they attack during the month of May. And though they only survive for a few weeks, fish flies come in big swarms that can create enough destruction before they die.

Up to this date, there is still no known method to completely eradicate fish flies. But, you can still try to do some tricks that will repel these insects from attacking you. So before fish flies can give you a hard time, always act before they could, so that you can save yourself from a worse time dealing with them. Here are some things you can do to get rid of fish flies.

Get away from them

The closer you get to the fish flies, the more tempted they will be to attack you. Fish flies bites, and that is one of their worst characteristics. So if they are living near a water source around your house, just do not go out there until the fish flies dies. Just be patient and wait as fish flies only have a few weeks to live.

Patch up holes and cracks around

If you live in an area that is often infested by fish flies, then always make it a habit to inspect your house for any possible entry point that the fish flies can make use of. Even before spring hits, go around your house and determine if there are any holes or cracks that will serve as entrance, not only for fish flies, but for other pests in general. If you see some possible entrance spots, immediately patch them up to hinder the fish flies from entering your home.

Keep the doors and windows closed

While it is nice to just let the fresh, spring air to circulate around the house, you also do not want fish flies buzzing around. So when fish flies start to swarm near your lot, always keep the doors and windows closed, or at least, keep the blinds or curtains in place.

Install screens

If you have extra money, you can purchase screens and install them on your windows so that you can leave it open and yet, fish flies and other insects will not be able to fly inside your house.  You can visit the hardware shop and ask for a quote about the installation of window screens.

Use dim, yellow lights

Fish flies, and other insects in general, are attracted to bright, white lights. So if you want your home to be less attractive to these pests, you can change your light bulbs, especially those outdoor lights, to dim, yellow lights.

Blow them away

 If the fish flies are making their way to your home, you can just blow them away. Wear protective gears and get a leaf blower. You can rent this device at hardware stores. Use the device to blow the fish flies out of your lot. While this might not really kill them, it will keep them away until the swarm subsides.

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