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How To Get Rid Of Five O’clock Shadow

Five o’clock shadow refers to the small emerging hair in some body parts after shaving for just a couple of hours. Even though it makes a man look like a ragged, bad boy, five o’clock shadow is usually unwanted for those who want to appear neat and clean, especially those girls who have them growing on their underarm.

Getting rid of five o’clock shadow is actually a bit tricky. Well, as long as you keep on shaving, the five o’clock shadow will just keep coming back. There are three main things you can do to get rid of it though. You can either keep on shaving to avoid their appearance, change your hair removal method or cover it up. Here are some more tips to get rid of five o’clock shadow.

Shave again

Constant shaving is actually not recommended, especially if the hair is growing from a sensitive area of the skin. Nevertheless, one quick way to get rid of five o’clock shadow is to shave it again.

First, wash the area with warm water so that the pores will be opened up, allowing closer contact of the blade to the hair, and it also softens up the hair. After washing, pat dry your skin and apply shaving cream. If you do not have shaving cream, you can just wash your face and rub some soap to create bubbles. This will act as lubricant for easier shaving. Then, in long strokes, run the razor against your skin to cut off the tiny hair. Be sure to shave in the hair growth’s direction. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. When you shaved facial hair, you can also apply some aftershave.

Cover it up with make-up

If you do not want to constantly shave up, and you just need to hide the growing hair temporarily, then you can just opt to cover it with makeup. However, just plain covering it up sometimes might not work and even make the dark spots more visible. If you are going to give it a try, be sure to use concealer or make up that is almost the same color as your skin. Apply and spread around the five o’clock shadow evenly.

Wax your hair

Waxing might be painful but when you opt to wax your hair instead of shaving, it will take a longer time for the hair to resurface. If you shave, within 24 hours, the hair might start to grow and form the 5 o’clock shadow, but if you wax your hair, it will take as long as 4 weeks before the hair grows back again. It might be a painful alternative but it is less messy than shaving.

Use depilatory creams

Depilatory creams also take away your hair from the roots so the five o’clock shadow will not appear right away. The thing is that depilatory creams have formula that may not be suited for sensitive skin. If you want to use something like this and you are not sure which to get, consult a professional.

Go for permanent hair removal

If you want to get rid of five o’clock shadows completely, or any unwanted hair growth in general, then you should considering getting permanent hair removal. Laser removal is one of the most common methods for permanent removal of hair. You can just visit a specialist about this treatment and other methods you can choose from. Of course, if you are opting for this kind of treatment, be sure to set aside some cash as it can be quite costly.

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