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How To Get Rid of Flaky Skin

Do you have a flaky skin? Do you always get conscious about what criticism other people have to say because of your rough, dry skin? Nowadays, having a flaky skin is quite common. The risk that the skin will be dehydrated is getting higher and higher, particularly because of the heat of the sun. Since global warming is now widespread, the harmful rays of the sun are now stronger than ever. Aside from the weather, lots of beauty products have surfaced in the market, and unfortunately, almost half of them do more bad than good to the skin. These and a lot of factors contribute to flaky skin, but no matter what may be the root of your skin condition, it must be gotten rid of it.

Flaky skin is not usually serious, although it can be related to many skin problems like skin cancer. If there are no other complications that you feel aside from the dryness of your skin, then you can just rehydrate your skin and you will be fine. Here are some ways that can help you get rid of dry skin.

Take moisturizing baths

Your usual bath regimen might not be enough to keep your clean supple and smooth. If you are having problems with flaky skin, you must watch out for your bath regimen. Instead of using hot water, opt to use lukewarm water or cold water if possible. Hot water will only result to your skin getting drier. Also, you should not just use antibacterial soap. Go for the mild and moisturizing ones. If possible, get milk soap because it can clean up the skin and leave it nourished. A relaxing bubble bath or milk bath every now and then may also help.

Rub olive oil to your skin

Olive oil is quite helpful in a lot of skin conditions. For flaky skin, it greatly aids in keeping the moisture in and making it less dry. Before you take a bath, you can just rub olive oil to your skin and leave it to be absorbed for about half an hour. Afterwards, go and have a bath. While olive oil can make your skin less dry, it can also make your skin too oily, so you must wash it out thoroughly. If you have extremely dry skin, at night before you go to bed, rub the olive oil to your skin and leave it to set overnight. Repeat this method as often as you want, until your skin condition is treated.

Rub some aloe vera

Aloe vera is another healthy product for the skin. Not only will aloe vera help moisturize your skin, but it will also promote its health overall. Natural aloe vera extract is the best but aloe vera gels and creams can also be used. Simply apply it to your skin and leave it on for a couple of minutes to work. Then, rinse the product from your skin.

Exfoliate your flaky skin

If your flaky skin is accompanied by flakes and chapped skin, then you can do some exfoliation to remove these dead skin cells. Once the dry, dead skin cells are removed from your skin, it will promote the regeneration of fresher skin cells that are more supple and smooth.

There are many exfoliating treatments you can do. You can get microdermabrasion kit from health or beauty shops or make your homemade exfoliating treatment.

Go to the dermatologist

If your flaky skin is accompanied by soreness, redness and inflammation, you should consult the dermatologist about it before doing home treatments.

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