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How To Get Rid of Flatworms

Do you have an aquarium at home? Do you like to keep fishes as your pets? Unlike other pet houses, aquariums seem to be easy to maintain. However, they are still not safe from unwanted pests and parasites. One commonly found pest on aquariums are flatworms.

Flatworms are common pests that share the aquarium with your fishes. They are not too harmful if there are only a few of them. IN fact, flatworms sometimes help in killing other harmful creatures in an aquarium. However, when they grow and multiply rapidly that they almost take over the whole aquarium; they can prove to be notorious pests. These flatworms can cause your fishes to die, so you must get rid of flatworms if they start to pose harm. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of flatworms.

Clean up the whole aquarium

If there are many flatworms inside your aquarium, an effective way get rid of them is to clean up the whole aquarium. This may be a daunting task but it can sure help remove all those unwanted flatworms inside the aquarium. First, get a fish bowl and transfer all the fishes inside this bowl. Then, remove the corals in your aquarium as well. Once you have removed the fishes and corals, then you can now just focus on the remaining parasites inside the aquarium.

Pour bleach

Bleach is a powerful chemical that can kill the flatworms. When you have ensured that only the unwanted creatures remain in the aquarium, you can just start pouring about a cup of bleach inside it. Wait for the bleach to work for a couple of hours. Check if the flatworms are dead. If there are still some flatworms left alive, add more bleach and just wait for a couple of minutes. Once every flatworm has been killed, drain the aquarium and throw away the dead parasites. Continue to clean up your aquarium, fill with water and then replace your corals and fishes.

Use aquarium pesticides

If you do not want to do all the fuss of draining the aquarium just to get rid of the flatworms, then you can look for aquarium pesticides that are safe to use. These chemicals are designed to kill parasites inside you aquarium and yet leave your fishes alive and kicking. One popular solution for aquarium is Vermex. But before using the chemical on your aquarium, be sure to test first if it will not kill your precious fishes and corals.

Make traps for flatworms

Probably the safest way to get rid of flatworms is to use a trap. If there are only a few flatworms hanging around your aquarium, it is best to just make a trap than to use chemicals. You can just get a small container then punch small holes on it. Insert bait on the holes that will attract the flatworms. Tie a string on the container and place a stone to weigh it down the aquarium. Wait for a couple of minutes and watch as the flatworms feast on the bait. Once they have been lured, get the trap and then kill the flatworms that have been caught by pouring bleach mixed with hot water to these parasites.

Get fishes that eat flatworms

If you want to keep flatworms out of your aquarium in the future, then you can opt to get fishes that eat flatworms. Some of the fishes that feed on flatworms are clowns, wrasses and angel fish.

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