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How to Get Rid of Fog in Car

The word fog is not limited to the smoke like substance you see in your surroundings. Fog can be used to describe something hazy or not clear much is the case with fog building up on your car windows or on the car’s surface as well. Fog in car usually happens when the temperatures are dropping from one second then increasing on the next.

Fog in car can both happen inside and outside of the car. There are several reasons why you get fog in your car and it doesn’t matter if you are using the vehicle or not. The fog can be caused by the humidity in the air as well as the varying temperatures affecting the inside of the vehicle.

You can get rid of fog in car as long as you are aware of what you are supposed to do. There are several inexpensive and practical ways to make sure that fog in car is properly taken care of. You can follow the procedures stated below to make sure that you can get rid of fog in car the easiest way possible:

Open up the windows

If you are inside a car on a cold night, it is certain that your breath can create the fog on the windows of your car. If you are driving, this scenario can be dangerous for several reasons. First, you attempt to wipe off the window with your hand while the second is the most obvious, you won’t be able to see anything outside.

What you want to do is open up the windows to make the temperature constant. This will prevent fog build up which is common especially if your car is cramped with several people inside it. By preventing fog in car, you position yourself in a less dangerous situation.

Turn the defogger on

Notice those orange like lines on your rear windshield? Have you ever wonder what their purpose is? Well these lines are part of the defogger; a defogger is a system that clears condensation and thaw frost from the windshield. With the defogger on, any existing fog will be removed and this will prevent fog build up.

Defoggers are very handy especially when the temperature outside is freezing. This is the reason why all vehicles manufactured brand new has this system in place, cause manufacturers are thinking ahead and have identified the common problems of driving a car.

Turn on the A/C

Turning on the air conditioner or the heater inside the vehicle can guarantee that the temperature will remain constant. IF it’s cold outside, turn on the heater and turn the air conditioner on when it’s hot. Either way, as long as you are preventing any change in temperature, both settings can help in getting rid of fog build up inside your car.

Use anti fog products

Company innovation has provided several benefits to customers. There are snit fog products that can be purchased over the counter. This is applied to the windows after you have cleaned them, making sure that fog never builds up. These products are really great since there are even some that when you breathe directly to the surface won’t show any sign of moisture build up which often leads to fogging.

These protective agents is very handy especially if you have a broken AC or during times when you are unable to open the windows due to heavy rainfall outside.

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