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How to Get Rid of Food Moths

It is normal for people to stock up on different food items that have a long shelf life. This is pretty much what everybody does since it is quite expensive to visit a grocery store everyday, and there is the occasional picking up of food items that you don’t really need. The point is there is nothing wrong keeping food in your pantry. But the problem is, others may be trying to share with the food that you kept.

It’s also normal to share food with other people but what isn’t normal is sharing it with insects or pests. You may think that your food is safe inside the pantry, but in reality, there are tiny critters that are trying their best to get a hold of your food. Insects such as food moths can thrive in your pantry, feeding on food items that are rich in starch and sugar.

Food moths are pretty common in a household and they can breed plenty more if they are left to breed inside the pantry. It is not hard to get rid of them but you need to be careful since they live in your food which can go to waste if they are not handled properly. Observe the following procedures to make food moths go away and prevent them from coming back:

Check the amount of infested food

The very first thing to do is to identify if there are food moths infesting your pantry. Sort out your food supplies and put foods with high sugar and starch content in priority and spread them out on a pan so you can put them back in the container afterwards. Remember that common signs of infestation involve having webbing in the container and you would immediately see food moths once you spread the food item in a thin layer.

Food moths can be seen by the naked eye and once you have identified that there are food moths in one food item, the chances of them thriving on other food items is also great. Once you have identified infestation, it would be necessary to perform procedures that get rid of them.

Throw infested items away

Now you wouldn’t want to eat infested food items now do you? If you have seen visible signs of infestation, no matter how expensive it is, throw the food item directly to the trash can. Make sure that the trash can is sealed and that food moths do not have a way out. Check other items in the pantry as it is possible they are infested as well.

Use air tight containers

A good container does not allow liquid to spill or drip if you turn it upside down. A good way to find out if your containers are spill proof is by putting water in it and turns it upside down. If no water is dripping, then you are guaranteed that the container is air tight as well. When it is an air tight container, you are guaranteed that not even insects as small as food moths can get into it.

Air tight containers can be considered as an added investment but you can use them in the long run which actually help you save money. What’s more, you will be able to save further since it will keep your food items fresh. Keeping them out of pests reach means that you don’t have to throw them away which further help you in preventing food wastage.

Clean your food cabinets

Once you have disposed of food moths in your house, you should start the habit of cleaning the pantry or food cabinet first before you put in new bathes of food or groceries. By maintaining this habit, not only you are preventing food moths from being attracted to the food items, you also discourage other types of insects in it. Make sure that you throw items that have expired already.

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