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How to Get Rid of Food Smell

There is nothing like enjoying your home cooked meal. The satisfaction that you get from eating the food that you prepared and cooked is next to nothing. Although this satisfaction may come to an abrupt end once you realize that you smell less desirable after cooking. Burnt smell, the smell of heated cooking oil and the different odor vegetables such as garlic and onions produce can linger.

No matter what the surface is, food smell will stick on it. Frying? Bits of hot oil will surely fly to the wall even on the floor. Chopping garlic and onion? That smell will be in your hands for hours. Food smell can be delicious but there are raw ingredients that just don’t smell as good once they are cooked.

Kitchen personnel are some of the most resourceful persons around. They can improvise in the kitchen and can come up with different solutions to a variety of problems. There are different methods to remove food smell, depending on the surface it touches; you should perform the appropriate steps when dealing with it:

Turn on the exhaust and open the windows

There should be no kitchen enclosed in an area that doesn’t have any windows or exhaust system, it is just wrong to have a kitchen with this type of setting. When cooking, make sure that the overhead exhaust is turned on, what this does is it sucks the air in the surroundings. Air that has smoke and food smell should not linger inside the kitchen as they will stick into walls and onto you.

If you don’t have exhaust fans, you can simply just open up the windows. You will also be lucky if there is a breeze that will take the air outside. The most important thing to remember is to maintain a well ventilated area so the air circulates.

Food inside the ref

Where do we put food items mostly before or after cooking them? The answer is we put them inside the refrigerator. A refrigerator is an enclosed compartment, meaning food smell will definitely linger in there if the food is not properly stored in tight containers. Food smell can even affect other food items that have mild flavors.

When you put food items inside the fridge, make sure that they are stored in air tight containers to contain the smell inside and it will prevent the spread of the smell as well. When you have decided to clean the whole refrigerator, take out the food items and unplug the appliance. After which, make sure that you have a bag of charcoal ready to be placed inside the fridge.

There is a lot of moist inside the refrigerator and moist spreads the food smell. What a charcoal does is it absorbs moisture, effectively capturing the smell of the refrigerator as well.

Wash off food smell in your body

You may have notice that after cooking, you smell like what you are cooking except the smell is very unusual. When you fry food, the smell of heated cooking oil clings to your hair and skin and this is very uncomfortable. After cooking, rest your body for a little while and take a shower. A simple soap and shampoo on the skin and hair will remove the odor food smell has given you.

Try to smell your hands after chopping garlic or onion, the juice it produces will guarantee that your hands will be having that odor for hours. What you can do is wash your hands with soap and water, if you have lime or lemon lying around, you can scrub your hands with it as it can remove the smell as well.

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