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How to Get Rid of Foot Arch Pain

The feet, arguably, are the most abused part of the body. It does all the dirty work and it supports a lot of weight throughout the day. Not to mention the amount of pressure it receives while we walk, run or jump. The feet can be reliable most of the time, but when it is abused, expect to experience all sorts of pain such as foot arch pain.

Foot arch pain is caused by a lot reasons and they are the most common foot complain. A person usually feel arch pain when they have an inflammation of the tissues in the mid foot area. This inflammation is usually located in the fibrous band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes. The pain can be mild but some can be mind numbingly aggravating.

There are different ways to go about when dealing with foot arch pain. This can be preventive measures or completely different procedures that involve body movement. Whatever the case is, it is important to get rid of foot arch pain since it can also cause you to be immobile if unabated for long periods of time:

Simple and light exercises

Before you dive into running or jogging, you need to make sure that you are performing the right exercises to condition your feet. In the morning, stretch your feet before you get out of your bed. Wiggle your toes and stretch it as well and do the same with the ankles and arches of the feet. By conditioning your feet for the big day ahead, you prevent over contracting your muscles which can tighten up causing the pain.

After you get out of bed, it is a good idea to take a walk before you start running. This procedure, again, conditions the feet. The keyword here, if you haven’t really noticed yet, is conditioning. By conditioning your feet, you make sure that it is well prepared all throughout the day.

Wear comfortable shoes

When you go out and have to wear shoes, the condition of the foot arch boils down to what type of shoes you wear. If you observe ladies walking around in high heels, they would often wear comfortable slip on shoes or sandals immediately after they remove their high heels. And when they do remove it, you will notice that the first thing they do is massage their feet.

The shoes make or break your ability to withstand the pain that you feel on a day to day basis. Your shoes are the only separator between your feet and the pavement that you walk upon. If you must go outside and wear shoes, wear comfortable shoes that are soft in the soles. If you should wear high heels, bring a pair of sandals so you can switch to it as needed.

Put ice on the affected area

Ice can soothe the muscles affected when you are having foot arch pains. As soon as you reach home, try to relax your feet for a few minutes and apply an ice pack on the affected area. Dry it with towels and massage the arch of the feet afterwards.

Get your foot checked by a doctor

As mentioned earlier, foot arch pain can be caused by a number of reasons. These reasons are unknown until you have yourself checked by a doctor. Visit a doctor to make sure that the pain you are feeling is not serious since blood and nerve disorders can also cause the foot problem which is beyond normal.

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