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How to Get Rid of Foxes

It’s possible that you get animals roaming around accidentally in your yard but these are smaller animals such as rodents or rabbits. Occasionally, birds can flock in and ruin your plants in your garden. On rare occasion, bigger animals such as foxes can invade your houses and pose an even greater threat to your property and to you as well.

Animals do not usually visit a private property not unless it happened accidentally nor they have motivation to go there. Foxes for example, would only have the tendency to enter a property not theirs if they smell the scent of prey. Smaller animals such as rabbits may have accidentally entered your property and foxes or other predatory animals are sure to follow.

Getting rid of fox can be similar to other ways performed to rid your property from other types of bigger animals. The procedures listed below are sure to help you in getting rid of foxes. Just be sure to perform each procedure with precaution for your safety:

Cover trash bins

Foxes do not disregard your right to keep strangers off of your property. They are mostly motivated by their need to survive; and food is one of the reasons they go hunting. If you have trash bin that is left uncovered, expect different types of animals to visit your place since they see it as an opportunity to find something to eat.

If you have food wastage, make sure that they are tied in a bag tightly and that they are disposed of properly. If they smell the slightest scent coming from your trash bin, they will follow that scent. Make sure that if you have trash bins, they have cover and don’t just cover them, cover them tightly and lock it in place.

Get rid of smaller animals

The laws of nature usually dictate who gets eaten by whom. Although it is not in any form of writing, bigger animals gets to feed on smaller ones. Foxes are very fond of rabbits or rodents and you can do the math if you have these creatures inside your yard.

What’s worrying about this scenario is that if you have rodents and rabbits in your garden, it’s likely that they are ruining what you have in there. They can also invite other larger predatory animals which poses danger to your property and your safety as well.

Set alarms

Sudden movements and sounds startle a lot of animals. Not to torture a stray cat or anything but you try it on them. When you cross path with a stray cat, they will look into you deep in your eye and they would usually stand still. Make a sudden movement and watch them flee.

The same idea goes to installing motion sensitive alarms in your yard. Once these alarms senses something is moving in your yard, they will sound off which would scare off foxes that may have roamed in your yard.

Get a guard dog

Guard dogs will treat your yard as if it’s their own. Guard dogs scare almost everyone and everything. They can even scare big people off once that bark is unleashed. There are several benefits in owning a guard dog and scaring off unwanted visitors is one of them. When deciding to buy a guard dog, make sure that they are big and can bark really fierce.

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