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How to Get Rid of Freezer Burn Taste

The freezer may be one of the most underappreciated appliances at home. Why do you ask? Well, aside from the fact that it prolongs the life of the food that we have at home, they don’t get the respect that they deserve. Well when was the last time you didn’t toss a piece of food item inside it? Or think of a time, except when your pockets were empty, when you didn’t have toover stuff the freezer. Speaking of putting a lot of food items inside a freezer, you can expect it to function desperately.

Freezer burn taste is what you get from food placed in the freezer and it gets damaged by ice crystals caused by the air that reaches the food. Foods that have freezer burn look unsafe to eat due to the fact that they are harder than the other parts and discoloration occurs on the surface of the food item. Even though this happens, freezer burn taste in food is not dangerous and foods that have this is still safe to consume.

Foods with freezer burn taste is not pleasant and before we prepare the food item or cook it, we should get rid of this first. There are plenty of ways to remove this kind of taste from our food and if you keep on reading, you will find out the best ways to deal with this problem. Here are the list of things that you can do to get rid of freezer burn taste:

The freezer’s temperature should be constant

The freezer is obviously full of ice and if there is an increase in the temperature, you can expect the ice to thaw. The same thing happens to the food inside the freezer, if your freezer’s temperature keeps on fluctuating, you can expect the food to thaw and refreeze which will cause the freezer burn. So before putting anything inside of the freezer, make sure that they are as close to the freezer’s temperature as possible.

Another way to prevent temperature fluctuation inside the freezer is by putting the right amount of food inside the freezer. When the freezer is overcrowded, expect it to work harder to maintain the right temperature to keep the food frozen. When it gets all worked up, the crowded space can overtake the temperature the freezer is giving out.

Place food items in tightly sealed containers

Have you noticed anything different with a  piece of meat placed directly inside a freezer against a packed food item placed in the same freezer? The difference should be in the appearance and especially the taste of the food item. The one not packed in a container looks dry and dehydrated and has a slight discoloration.

This is the reason why the food item should not be in direct contact with the ice inside the freezer. Always pack your food to guarantee that they do not have freezer burn taste. And make sure that you arrange the inside of the freezer to allow better air circulation.

Cool the food down before freezing it

If you plan on placing a hot soup in a freezer to preserve it then you should stop now. Remember that you need to make the temperature of the freezer constant to avoid fluctuation which causes the food to get freezer burn taste. The hot temperature will surely increase the temperature inside the freezer so cool them down before placing them inside.

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