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How to Get Rid of Freezer Smell

Whenever there is food, you can expect your nose to expect different kinds of smell which includes odors. Just imagine the smell of vegetables or fruits contained in an enclosed container. Even waste food that goes to the drain can also leave a nasty smell. So if you have food that needs to be frozen and you don’t want it to smell, you should just stick it in the freezer right? Well that is a bit complicated to answer.

Look at your freezer, it has everything. It has ice, fish, meat and other frozen delights. The combination of every food that is stored in it can leave it with an unpleasant odor. Of course you don’t want a place where you store food smelling foul. Unfortunately, freezer smell occur and it is a matter of time before your food starts tasting like it.

Freezer smell is nothing desirable. If you have your food in plastic bags or plastic containers, you can just smell it right off of the surface of the container. Just touch it and the smell would transfer to your hands immediately. There is no excuse for having a smelly freezer and the suggestions provided below are another reason why you shouldn’t have excuse as well:

Store food in sealed containers

When you open your freezer, what do you usually see? There are tons of plastic bags inside it. There can be times that the food that you put in the freezer is not frozen and when this happens to be meat or fish, blood can drip all over the place. This is the reason why you need to use sealed containers which would prevent any liquid from leaking.

Have you smelled ice before? Well it doesn’t smell anything. This is how your freezer should smell like. It should be as pure as ice. Food stored in sealed container would also prevent the odor of the food from spreading in the freezer which can result to it having foul odor as well.

Clean the freezer

Like getting back together after a bad break up, there is nothing like starting off fresh with an empty slate. The same can be said when your freezer has freezer smell. The stench can be intolerable and what you want to do is take everything out of it and start cleaning.

Before you clean the freezer, make sure that you unplug it from the power source. Once unplugged, you should empty the freezer. Let it defrost and dispose of the defrosted water as the smell is on it as well. Wipe the freezer with a wet towel and let it dry. If you want, you can place a piece of coal and leave it for about an hour before turning it back on and placing the food back in.

Do not put anything that is dripping

Most of the time, freezer smell is caused by the food that you put inside it. Although it is true that food causes it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t prevent this from happening. When putting food inside a freezer, you need to make sure that there are no liquids dripping from it. Once the liquid drips, it will freeze and it will smell. As previously stated, you should place unfrozen food items in small containers to avoid spillage that can cause the freezer to smell.

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