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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

It always puzzle people how fruit vendors get their money back from their investment. Fruits are organic matter, which means they decompose. Depending on the type of fruit, the time for complete decomposition varies. But still, they decompose. You may have seen a fruit stand that has little flying insects circling around the fruits like vultures to a dead carcass. These tiny creatures are known as fruit flies.

Fruit flies are small insects that seem to appear out of the blue and start infesting your fruits. Fruit flies speed up the process of decomposition since they feed on the fruits or vegetables that you have lying around the house. This could lead to food wastage or even food poisoning in extreme cases. Fruit flies are not that dangerous but they can be great nuisance.

There are other reasons why you should get rid of fruit flies. They are annoying, they cause food wastage and did we mention annoying already? That is the effect these tiny little fliers have on you. There are different ways to get rid of fruit flies and here are some of the procedures that you can do to get rid of fruit flies:

Make a red wine trap

Since fruit flies can be seen close around food items, it is highly suggested that you don’t use insecticides and pesticides when dealing with them. If you put fruits on your table, you can use red wine trap to capture them. What you want to do is put red wine in a bowl and cover it with plastic. Hold the plastic by using a rubber band and poke holes on the plastic.

What this trap does is it attracts fruit flies and the holes that you made make them go inside and prevents them from coming out. The fruit flies will struggle to come out of the plastic cover but they will fail and will drown in the red wine.

Place cover on your fruit

To prevent fruit flies from getting in your fruits, there are covers designed to protect the fruits while allowing air to pass through it. When you place covers on fruit, it guarantees that it will prevent fruit flies from circling around it.

Segregate your trash

There is a reason why local waste authorities ask to separate biodegradable and non biodegradable waste materials. Non biodegradable items do not decompose and they do not attract living organisms to feed on them. Biodegradable waste is a completely different story. They can rot and even if you put fruits and vegetables in a covered waste bin, it is guaranteed to have fruit flies inside it. Don’t be surprised when you find fruit flies flying out of the bin when you remove the cover.

Inside your house, you should prevent putting these two materials together. Non biodegradable items can last for a long time and when you put decomposing food items in the trash, you risk of harboring fruit flies.

Throw rotting fruit away

There is no reason why you should keep fruit that are showing signs of decomposition. Not only they attract fruit flies, but they can also infect the other fruits beside them. When this happens you double the risk of attracting fruit flies. When you throw the fruits away, don’t forget to keep them sealed in a plastic bag and the trash can should be covered completely.

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