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How to Get Rid of Gagging

Gagging or what is known as gag reflex is a contraction at the back of your throat when something touches your soft palate and the back of your tongue. Pharyngeal reflex, as what it called sometimes, is a mechanism wherein your body tries to prevent you from choking. More often than not, we experience this like a normal thing every once in a while.

However, for some people, gag reflex becomes somewhat hyperactive. When that happens, gag reflex becomes a problem. Your soft palate becomes so sensitive that you gag more than you usually should. Some experience gag reflex when their dentist sticks something into their mouth while having their check-up done. Some even have problems while brushing their teeth or even swallowing a pill. Luckily, there are a couple of tips that you may consider that might help you.


This is a process wherein you are going to train your soft palate to get used to the feeling and eventually get rid of the excessive gagging. The good thing about this method is that this is wonderfully done while you’re brushing your teeth. First of all, find out where the gagging starts. Start brushing from the farthest part of your tongue and then move your way in slowly. When you reach the part where you gag, brush that portion for about 10 seconds even when you’re still gagging. This is like training that part so that it will get used to the feeling. Now you don’t get to call this training without repeating the process over the next few days. Remember to concentrate on that spot and once you get to see the difference, that spot is now desensitized.


Experts say that gagging is often triggered by a combination of psychology and physiology. Majority of the people who has hyperactive gagging leans more on the psychological aspect. It may be a fear of losing control, a traumatizing happening or maybe just plain scared. The best thing to do is deep breathing and try to relax. Clear you mind. You can even meditate if you want. Whatever it is that will make you more relaxed, do it.

Use salt

If you are going to your dental examination, it is better to put a pinch of table salt on the tip of your tongue. Although dentists usually have topical anaesthesia to numb that area, having the salt there will help you concentrate more on the taste and less on the instrument/s that are in your mouth.

Numbing Throat Spray

The rear part of your throat naturally contracts when something touches your soft palate. This contraction is nature’s way to stop you from throttling and it’s known to us as the gag reflex or pharyngeal reflex.

Once an object gets in contact with the soft palate (far backside in the roof of your mouth), it sets off the gag reflex. You can employ a numbing throat spray to appease the soft palate. The effect of two or three sprays of a numbing throat spray can last for roughly an hour. Your soft palate will be less susceptible to contact. The 1 hour efficiency span is ample time to endure your journey to the dentist. A lot of people can attest to how effective these sprays are.

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