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How to Get Rid of Gangs

Gang is considered as a serious concern on every state. Gangs are often connected with crimes, murder, theft, drugs and destruction of properties that lowers the standard of living where gang members are present. Any person connected to gang or a gang member has joined a criminal organization or with criminal affiliation. The common reasons why some people opted to join a gang are the following: to be with cool friends, to belong to a group, to receive protection, to earn money and to be popular.

In order to get rid of gang violence, also means to getting rid of illegal weapons, graffiti, sexual abuse, drugs, crimes and robbery. Getting rid of them also includes the illegal activities that can affect the people in the society. To make the world a better place to live, the following are the ways on how to get rid of gangs:

Make it a point to emphasize the necessary role of the family

Family plays an important aspect in the life of every person. It is the molding factor which leads to the path of life. Inside the premises of the family, preventing domestic violence is a good start. Most gang members grew up in a broken or unstable family where the father hurts the mother, or where blood can be seen around the house. To them the gang violence can be considered as another home where violence and true belonging exist. However, it’s never too late to provide a great foundation of family ties. To have a sense of belonging and self-importance from the family in a place like home is the perfect thing to have.

Don’t hang out with gang members or use their symbols

If a person is starting to hang out with gang members then eventually you will be influenced or encouraged of becoming a member. If a person hangs out with gang members, he is putting his life in danger. A fight of rival gangs, which is a prominent case, will not choose who won’t be injured or killed because every participant thinks that whoever is in the enemy’s side is also their enemy, thus making the person a vulnerable target.

Attend meetings regarding different alternatives to gangs

It is important to be involved in different activities to shift attention in joining gang. A person can join groups which aims brotherhood and peace in the society, local school organization, sports, drama and other fun activities.

Educate the Masses

If we get rid of gangs, we get rid of graffiti, street vandals, prohibited weaponry, illegal drugs, sexual violence, theft, misdemeanors and bloodshed. If we get rid of gangs, we get rid of all the unlawful acts that disturb the normal daily lives of those who help the community. If we get rid of gangs, we will turn earth a safer and better place to live in.

We must educate everyone. The public, particularly the youngsters who are at the most key phases in their growth, should be well-informed about the trouble and cost of being a part of a gang. In school, highly-informative after-school programs must be utilized as a method to constructive youth cultivation. Such programs are great means to integrate help, supervision and support, which teenagers could do with to thrive not only as a student and as a good citizen.

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