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How to Get Rid of Garlic Taste

Garlic gives a lot of taste and kick to our everyday food. It also has medicinal use and health benefits. One most important medical benefit is its ability to cure cancer. Kudos to garlic for those. But there is down side of it, it leaves a garlic taste and breath in our mouths that is not flattering. Oftentimes, garlic taste lends to garlic breath or bad breath. Bad breath is a big NO-NO, especially when you are in a date or going somewhere with friends.

Garlic contains has oil that is responsible for both medicinal properties and for the garlic awful smell. It is volatile oil that is made of many sulphorous compounds. The sulphur causes our body to react and produce the smell that could knock a girl/boy off their feet. Plus, sulphur does not smell good either. There are two types of garlic breath. The primary garlic breath comes immediately after eating garlic which is easy to get rid. The secondary, however, comes after the garlic compounds has worked its way through the bloodstream then to your lungs for up to 3 days which causes the secondary garlic breath. Here are some tips you could use:

Brush and Gargle

Yes! We are stating the obvious. But it is the most basic way of getting rid of it. Brush thoroughly and make sure that you have brushed every part. There are some instances that the garlic scent would slip into the middle of teeth so make sure you’ve got that covered too. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well.  Then wash out your mouth with some mouthwash after.

Counteract with herbs

Try chewing on fresh parsley, mint or fennel or cardamom seeds. These herbs are known to counteract the smell and taste of garlic. These are very easy as they are usually found in the same dish as garnish.


You can rinse your mouth with lemon juice mixed in a glass of water. You can also try drinking it. But make sure it is fresh lemon juice. You can also use the peel of the lemon by chewing on it. The acidity of lemon is known to be a great antibacterial and a solution to solve garlic breath. If you are just in your home, just take a slice of lemon and just dig in. a better solution as it is very fresh that way.  Anything that is loaded with any type of citrus can help with garlic breath.  Another great alternative to the juice is a warm lemon tea.  When drinking this, be sure to gargle to ensure that you get every part of your mouth.

Be prepared

Stack some mint spray, mints and gum in your bag. If you want to get rid of garlic taste immediately, this would be the best and fastest solution.  While it’s not really going to get rid of the smell, it’s going to help mask it for the time being.

Check up

Sometimes, you just might taste garlic in your mouth without actually eating some. You want to check your doctor about this. This might be a serious case.

What worked for you?

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