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How to Get Rid of Gauge Smell

While most of the people have a simple and common ear piercing, other would try to stretch that small dot to accommodate new and more fashionable earrings that have thicker posts. There are tons of ear gauges depending on what you want to have. In order to stretch the existing piercing, specialized tools that are called tapering rings and tapering inserts are needed. This procedure can be pretty hard and it really painful.

This may be the very reason why gauged ears smell. This is a result of dead skin build-up plus the accumulation of natural oil from the lobe to the jewelry and around the hole. Since most of the people who have these don’t take the jewelry off, the accumulated oil and dead skin will build up and eventually give off a certain smell. With the following simple steps, you may be able to lessen the smell or even completely get rid of it.

Wash and dry

Cleaning the earlobe at least once a day is a good way to start. If you want to apply soap, make sure that you use an anti-bacterial and unscented one. Afterwards, pat dry your ear and the jewelry as well. Remember that washing your ear constantly will not only prevent you from the smell but the possibility of having an infection.  If an infection continues to occur even after washing it on a daily basis, consider consulting with a professional doctor to ensure that the infection is under control or isn’t severe.

Choose your jewelry

Some type of earring may promote the sudden onset of smell. Plastic and other metal-like earrings can aid in further accumulation of oil and other substances that can result to the foul smell. If it’s possible, try to choose a good kind of jewelry—something that will not wear off easily. It may be a little costly but it would be better that an infected ear.


TCP is the common name for Trichlorophenylmethyliodosalicyl (I know, TCP is better). This is a well-known mild antiseptic that can help eliminate the smell. Bacterial accumulation is one cause of the foul smell so TCP is a good choice. After applying this on to your ear gauge, make sure to let it dry before putting your earrings back on.

So as to enlarge the current piercing, specifically-designed tools that are called tapering rings and tapering inserts are required. This process can be quite difficult and can hurt so bad. This can be why gauged ears smell. It’s caused by dead skin swelling and the buildup of natural oil from the lobe to the earring and along the piercing. As most of those who have these don’t ever remove the jewelry, the oil upsurge and dead skin will amass and ultimately emit a particular smell.

TCP is a famous gentle antibacterial that can aid in removing the stench. Bacterial growth is one root of the stinking odor so TCP is a wise option. Once it has been applied on your ear gauge, ensure you allow it to dry prior to wearing your jewelry again.

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