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How to Get Rid of Gecko Lizards

Gecko lizards have rubber-like skins that help them cling on walls and ceilings. They belong to the Gekkonidae family. They are just small to average sized lizards that are usually present during warm weathers. Being the largest family among all lizards, they can be seen throughout the world. They are very unique compared to other kinds because of their vocalizations—they have distinct chirping sounds to perform social interaction with other geckos.

They can actually help you get rid of other pests as they eat other insects and spiders. Amidst their full intention to help you, they can really crowd you place up. Especially when it gets warmer, you will notice that the number will increase every day. That becomes the problem—they can easily start making your home their own too. They are not much of harm but they can be a problem. They can scare kids; they leave their eggs everywhere and even leave their poop. In that case, you’d rather deal with the insects yourself than these. Here are some ways to get rid of them:

Find the source

Food is always the reason why animals like lizards would stay in your place. They like places where they can get abundant supplies of moths, mosquitoes, spiders and many more. With this on hand, it is needless to say that you have to control the other pests first. One thing is very effective and that is to prevent them from going in. you can install screens on windows and doors. Make sure that every corner and cracks are sealed. Trash bins must be outside the house and properly closed. If you do have the insects inside your house already, insecticides can be used.

If you have accomplished all these, you will notice that the geckos will slowly disappear as they will find another source of food for survival. However, if you don’t see any changes, it is best to let your house check for any other pests that are out of sight.


Although it is known that mothballs are basically insect repellents because of its strong smell, it can also shoo away geckos. They have sensitive sense of smell and they hate strong smells such as the mothballs. This is a very affordable and basic way as they are very cheap and easy to use. You have to just scatter them everywhere especially on corners in and out of your house. Also pay attention to cracks and cervices as they are fond of going through that way. You can also throw a couple of mothballs out in your garden and in your garage.

You are well aware that these mothballs will leave a distinct odor. You can just deal with it later. Also, mothballs don’t kill geckos so you won’t have to think of cleaning up. Lastly, if you have kids at home, you have to be very careful as they can accidentally swallow them—very dangerous!

Got to love cats

If you are not allergic to pets especially to cats and if you don’t mind having one, cats can be really of great help. Although cats won’t actually catch them to death, they will just practically scare geckos away. Cats are very curious animals and chase anything that they find new and amusing. When curiosity strikes, especially for those reptiles, geckos will surely be terrified. Now when you are going to actually own a cat, get a young and active cat—make sure that it’s not over 2 years of age.

Cool down

Since most of the reptiles are unable to adjust to temperatures, keeping your house cool will make them want to leave. They will immediately seek another home where they can feel warm and comfortable.

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