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How to Get Rid of Geese

Migratory geese have been a problem to some homeowners. They are called Canadian geese which are known for their seasonal migrations. This happens because these geese have their own staging or resting areas.  They are mostly seen in September to the first days of November—this is called the autumn migration. There are also early migrants that tend to go directly to the migration spot with less or no stop overs to rest. You will often see them in their famous V-shaped formation.

As much as we want to accommodate them, they can be a serious problem when they flood your whole lawn. On the other hand, as much as you want to send them away, there are certain laws that protect their welfare. It is best that you are well informed of the dos and don’ts when it comes to getting rid of them. There may be some permits that you have to obtain before hunting or even shooing them away while they are in their nesting period. Just make sure that everything is legal and that you have all the information before doing anything.

Don’t feed them

If they don’t see anything to eat for survival, they would opt to seek another place. They are primarily herbivores and some of them sometimes eat insects and fish. So try to avoid displaying any kind of green vegetation and as well as grains. So try to trim your lawn and hide any vegetable plantation you have in your backyard. Also, if you have wheat, beans, rice and corn—try to keep them out of sight. Lastly, secure your trash bins as they sometimes pick food there.

Set a decoy

It has been known that geese have strong survival instincts. They would avoid possible predator as much as they can especially if it can cause serious harm to them. To set the trick, have a couple of swans in your area. Swans are known to be very territorial. You can also use geese carcass decoys. This will immediately send them the signal that the area is not safe for them. Some other predator decoys are plastic crocodile heads (very convincing that a harmful predator is watching), dogs like Labradors, hawks and even owls.

Make you pond area unwelcoming

They are very used to stay on ponds as they feel very safe there. Aside from the fake crocodile heads, you can grow the surrounding grasses up to at least 18 inches high. This would be very frightening for them because they want an open area to watch for predators. You can also opt to building a high bird fence near the shoreline. A black Mylar tape or some sturdy stick can also be used if you find building a fence too expensive.

Consider a repellant

There are many chemical repellants out there that can get rid of the geese in your area.  These chemicals are generally spread throughout the yard where they usually roam.  What you’re going to want to do is make sure that you find a product that is highly rated, as well as safe for your yard.  Most are non toxic, but some don’t work as well as prescribed.

Third party products

There are many third party products that claim to work, but only one can test it to see if it truly does.  For example, a product such as has a floating device that floats in the water at night, or it can sit on land.  Every 2 seconds, a light will blink keeping the geese awake.  After a few nights of no sleep, they will flock to a different spot to sleep.

Highly consider a dog

Dogs are not only a great companion to have, but they love to get rid of the geese as well.  If you don’t mind letting the dog roam freely, they will not only chase the geese away, they can prevent them from coming back.  If you don’t want a dog, it may also be ideal to just bring a friend’s or family member’s dog over for a few hours each day to scare them off.

Obtain a hunting permit

If you feel that the geese pose a threat to you and others and that they are making substantial damage, you can report this and prove that they have to be removed from the area. If you are granted, it is best to ask assistance from the experts as animals like them is hard to catch. There is also a group called Geese Peace that is devoted to eradicate geese in legal ways.

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