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How to Get Rid of Gel Nails

Gel nails are temporary nails that you can use anytime you want. Most of the girls would agree that it is almost impossible to have the perfect set of nails every single time. That is the very reason why things like gel nails and acrylic nails are made. Gel nails are classier looking because of its natural-gloss look. Also, you don’t have to wait longer minutes for it to set as the curing time for gel nails is just two minutes. Lastly, since gel nail mixtures are odourless, you can go to wherever you want as soon as you are done with it.

Since these are just temporary nails, you have to eventually take them off. Gel nails are easy to remove as they are easy to apply. There are a lot of home-kits that has all the things that you need. Here are some ways:

Foil wrap

First of all, you have to make sure that all traces of enamel are taken off. Then, using a 240-grit nail file, buff the entire enhancement surface. After all that, hold the nail remover under warm water for about two to three minutes but make sure that you don’t exceed to five minutes. Soak either a gauze pad or a cotton ball with remover and then put each one of them on top of each enhancement. To secure the pads n each nail, encase each one with a tin foil for sealing. This will also avoid fast evaporation. Leave it that way for about 30 minutes.

In order to check if it’s done, remove one wrap then slough off the gel nail from your nail with a cuticle pusher. If it can be removed with ease, you can remove all the rest. If not, seal it back in and wait for a couple of minutes. After all the gel nails have been removed, make sure to rinse your hands then moisturize your hands with your choice of lotion.

Soak your nails

Just the same, make sure that all traces of enamel are taken away with a 240-grit nail file. Then pour warm water into a bowl. Make sure that the temperature is tolerable. Pour the remover with just enough amounts for soaking. Soak your hands for 15 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, remove the gel layer with a cuticle pusher. Once again, if it doesn’t come off easily, soak for another 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly, then pat dry.  Moisturize with your preferred lotion.

Head to the nail tech

At-home remedies don’t work all the time.  In fact, what you’ll find out is that it can do more harm than good.  To make sure that the job has been done appropriately, you may want to consider talking with a professional to ensure that the job has been done properly.  They will have all the necessary tools in order to make sure that it has been done appropriately.  Keep in mind that while you may think that the nail tech is going to be expensive, these jobs can be done for less than $20 to $25 for the complete removal.

What worked for you?

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