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How To Get Rid of Geraniums

Geranium is a genus of beautiful flowering plants that is a great addition to any garden. It comes in different colors such as pink, blue, violet and red which look great whether mixed with other flowers or planted solo. But even though geraniums are generally lovely, there are just some people who cannot appreciate its beauty. Sometimes, geraniums sprout randomly which may not really gather a nice feedback from the land owner.

If you have a flower bed for a specific type of plant only and a geranium suddenly comes out of nowhere, you might want to get rid of it. Also, geraniums may become culprit to plant rashes so if you are highly sensitive, you might want to remove them as soon as possible to avoid allergic reaction. If there are some geraniums in your home that you want to get rid of, here is what you can do.

Pull them out

When you need to get rid of geraniums or any kind of unwanted plant or weed at that, you must first gear yourself up with the proper clothing and start pulling them out using your hands. This is the most effective and efficient way of getting rid of geraniums. When you are trying to remove any kind of plant or weed, keep in mind to pull them out directly from the root. Plants and weeds might disappear for some time and reappear after a certain period because the roots are still intact. If you want to avoid geraniums from coming back again, dig them out completely.

Get herbicide and plant killers

If you are willing to risk your health and forego the environment’s safety for a fast and convenient way of getting rid of geraniums, you can opt to use herbicides. There are many types of herbicides that you can buy which are available to be used for killing geraniums but the best type is the broadleaf weed herbicides. They have the best chemicals which can instantly kill geraniums. Be cautious though. Before you use any herbicide or chemical, always read and follow the instruction carefully or you might end up getting side effects. If you are planning to use herbicide, the best time to use it is during the beginning of fall when the weather is not too windy but not too hot as well.

Mow the lawn

If the geraniums grow on your lawn, after administering the hand-pull method or the herbicide method, you can also try to mow the lawn in order to remove those geranium residues that may allow the geranium to pop up again. Regularly mowing your lawn will decrease the appearance of weeds and other foreign plants in your garden.

Sell them

As mentioned, geranium is simply a lovely classification of flower. Many people spend money to buy geraniums and put in on their garden. What you can do is to get those geraniums out of your garden and sell them to the people who are interested. You can also try to tell your local flower shop if they are willing to buy and resell your geraniums.

Call the gardener

If you cannot get rid of the geraniums yourself, you can always call the gardener. Of course, you will have to pay for the gardener’s service. Nevertheless, you will be able to get rid of those geraniums without breaking a sweat. So if you can afford to hire someone to clean up your garden, then you can call a gardener.

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