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How To Get Rid of Gerbil Smells

Gerbils make cute, little pets at home. They are just simply adorable! But no matter how cute they look, gerbils have flaws too. The downside about having gerbils as home pets is that gerbils emit undesirable, musky smell. And when a nearby male hamster smells this odor, it also secretes a stinky smell which can double up the odor trouble.

If you want to get rid of gerbil smell, there are only a few things that you can do as the smell of gerbils are naturally musky. But if gerbils are properly taken care of, this nasty smell may be lessened. Here are some tips from the experts about how to get rid of gerbil smell.

Know where the smell comes from

The first thing you must look into is where exactly the nasty smell comes from. If it’s your gerbil that smells, you may have to change your gerbil’s bath routine. If it is your gerbil’s cage that smells, then you must find which spot of the cage is the smelliest and you can start working from this certain spot. Usually, bad odor come from the gerbil’s bedding, potty or wheel.

Watch your gerbil’s hygiene

The musky and sometimes really nasty smell of gerbil and other similar animals are natural. No matter how many times you clean and wash them, even with highly perfumed soap, you cannot take away their smell. Some experts say that the fur of gerbils shouldn’t be that smelly as their musky smell comes internally and they just secrete this odor every now and then. If you have a gerbil, only bathe them when necessary.

Provide them with a friendly home

Putting your gerbil in a cage or aquarium is not enough. You must choose the right materials in their home from bedding to potty. Aquariums, tanks and plastic cages are not that advisable because they are quite hard to clean and the odor does not go away. If you can buy a steel cage for your gerbil, then go ahead and opt to get this one. The gerbil’s bedding is considered as one of the culprits of extreme gerbil smell. So be sure to replace the gerbil’s bedding and if you have wood or plastic nesting box, you can replace it with terracotta. Also, keep your gerbils in a place that is well-ventilated so the air can circulate freely.

Keep their home clean

Gerbils are high-maintenance pets. They litter around their cage often and adult gerbils will leave their cage smelly because this odor can attract male hamsters. If you do not want to leave your home with that stinky gerbil smell, you must keep your gerbil’s cage clean. You can clean their home once a week with hot water and mild soap. Although there are available cleaning chemicals on the market, some people do not require this as chemicals can have side effects.

Sterilize their cage

Deep sterilization can be one once a month.  This can remove those entire gerbil litter residue that make the odor much stronger. Sterilization and spot-cleaning can also keep away bacteria that can cause diseases to your gerbil and even the people at your home.

If you are a good pet owner, your gerbil should not be that smelly. If you are a beginner pet owner, to be a great master, you can start with knowing the basics about gerbil keeping.

  1. Rob Said,

    They should live in tanks with bedding at least 6 inches deep.. your gonna have some vacuuming to do if its in a cage.

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