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How To Get Rid of Gin Blossoms

Nowadays, hanging out with friends means having a glass or two of alcoholic beverage together. Most people, especially teens and adults, find drinking alcohol a method of removing stress from their body. There is actually nothing wrong with drinking alcohol as long as it is under moderation. In fact, the body does need some supply of alcohol to become healthy. However, there are times when alcohol from beverages can backfire. Have you ever tried drinking some alcoholic beverage and you find yourself flushing within minutes? Although most people do not put much attention to it, the redness of the skin caused by drinking alcohol, or simply gin blossoms, is actually an allergic reaction.

When you have gin blossoms, your skin, especially your face and necks, will turn red and warm. If you are one of those with worse allergic reactions, your whole upper body can turn red and itchy spots might even appear. While most cases of gin blossoms are just mild, it can become harmful. This happens when the alcohol is not broken down by the digestive system; hence, it enters the bloodstream and become a toxic substance that is the reason behind hangovers. If you want to have a better time, drinking with friends, then you should try to prevent gin blossoms from attacking, and in case it was too late for prevention, you should try to get rid of gin blossoms as soon as you can. Here are some tips that you can try to get rid of gin blossoms.

Get some medicine

Some specialists say that certain kinds of medicines can help fight and prevent gin blossoms. One most common medicine is the famotidine which is found in medicines for heartburn. Scientists say that famotidine contains some antihistamine elements that are why it can help fight gin blossoms that are actually caused by alcohol allergic reaction. If you are known to have gin blossoms when you drink, you can ask for prescription for famotidine and consume it an hour before drinking alcohol.

Consume sugar

Too much amount of alcohol inside the body can make the blood sugar level fluctuate, causing for unwanted body reactions, like gin blossoms. Consuming healthy sugar can help in restoring the body’s condition. After drinking and you start the hangover to kick in, you can just boil some fresh herbal tea and add about two teaspoons of honey into it. This will soothe your body and fight the effects of drinking alcohol. Some people also say that eating sweet and starchy foods prior to drinking may also help prevent gin blossoms.

Drink a lot of water

Water helps in flushing out toxins from your body. So if you have consumed alcohol, you should drink a lot of water to help speed up the digestion of the alcohol. Moreover, drinking alcoholic beverages may cause you to become dehydrated and water is what you need in case dehydration attacks.

Don’t drink more than your body can take

The best way for you to escape the symptoms brought about by gin blossoms is to avoid getting it in the first place, which means that you should not drink alcoholic beverages at all. IF you can’t help but drink, only consume a small amount of alcohol and you feel that you are starting to get the alcohol flush reaction, immediately stop drinking.

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