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How To Get Rid of Glassy Eyes

The eyes are probably the most beautiful feature of a person. It states more than just the physical appearance of the beholder. The eyes alone can express the emotions and reactions and are usually more meaningful than other body parts. Unfortunately, the eyes are also prone to different conditions. One particular condition that is experienced by some people is having glassy eyes. Glassy eyes are usually characterized by big, blank stares that are often compared to puppy eyes. Glassy-eyed people seem to give stares and looks that are dull and lifeless. So if you have glassy eyes, you should treat it in order to make your eyes look livelier.

There are many causes of glassy eyes. Some of the reasons for glassy eyes are infrequent blinking, strained eyes, lack of sleep and other more serious health condition. For one, a thyroid problem is usually associated with glassy eyes. So if you are experiencing this problem, do not take it for granted. While glassy eyes, in most cases, are not too serious, you cannot still be too sure about this condition. Here are some things you can do to get rid of glass eyes.

Keep your eyes moisturized with eye drops

When you have glassy eyes, you more likely give off long blank stares that will make the fluid in your eyes dry up. This will not just cause glassy eyes but many more irritating eye problems. So as much as possible, you should keep your eyes moisturized.

One way to do so is to apply eye drops. There are artificial tear drops you can get to help your eyes be moisturized. Just go to your local drugstore and ask one from the pharmacist. Opt to get a branded and trusted eye drop. Use it according to the directions. However, too much dependency to eye drops is bad so do not abuse the use of the product.

Drink a lot of water

Another way to keep your eyes moisturized is to drink a lot of water. The more water you intake, the more fluids will circulate around your body. This will not just be helpful in regulating your metabolism, but it will keep your skin and eyes and other body parts well-hydrated. As for the eyes, it will help you get rid of the glassy eye condition.

Try to regulate your blinking

Infrequent blinking will cause the eyes to dry up and become glassy. If you do not blink frequently, your eyes fluids will be dried up. This will then give you that glassy stare. Although blinking is done involuntarily by the body, you can monitor this activity and try to regulate blinking to treat glassy eyes. You can ask the doctor’s help for more information about blinking problems.

Check up for thyroid problems

As mentioned above, hyperthyroidism can cause your eyes to be glassy. Most people who got this disease have mentioned having bigger eyes that look to be popping out of the sockets. This will then cause it to be glassier.

Check up for hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition wherein the blood sugar levels are fluctuating too low. This decrease in blood sugar will then cause the victim to be weak, nauseous and have weary or glassy eyes. If you also feel these hypoglycemia symptoms aside from the glassy eyes, then go for a checkup for hypoglycemia.

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