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How To Get Rid of Glitter

Glitter is a fancy product. It is now popularly used to design almost everything. From school projects, to clothes and shoes, to furniture and decors, glitters are becoming more and more popular because of that shiny design that it brings. However, although glitter seems to be a good product for designing, it can also become annoying. Glitters can easily stick to almost anything. If you touched a glittery surface, for example, you might end up with a lot of sparkly little glitters on your hand or if you accidentally bumped on a glittered decor, you may find those unwanted glitter on your favorite shirt.

While glitters add sparkly color, they can also cause unwanted things that can be really bothersome. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of glitter. If you have acquired glitters and it stuck to your skin or your clothes, here are some things that you can do to get rid of glitter.

Shake it up

The first thing you can do is to detach as many glitters as you can by merely shaking it. If the glitter has not really stuck yet, then you can just try to shake it up. Go outside your house and find a garbage can, and then wave the cloth that has been ruined by glitters. Be careful when wagging the cloth though as the glitters may end up just flying to your skin or cloth again.

Dab with wet wipes

You can also try dabbing the glitter with wet wipes to get rid of it. However, it might take some time for you to remove all the glitters from the fabric or your skin. Just keep on dabbing the wet wipes to get rid of the glitters.

Use an adhesive tape

If the shaking and wipes did not work and there are still glitters stuck on the fabric, then you can just lay out the cloth and get an adhesive tape. Cut some portions of the tape and use it to cover up the glitters on your cloth. Flatten out the adhesive tape. After that, strip off the adhesive tape again. You will end up finding that some of the glitters have come off with the tape. You can just repeat doing this method over again until the glitters have all been gone. Note that you should be careful when stripping off the tape as you may end up ruining your cloth’s fabric fibers.

You can also use this adhesive tape trick with your skin. Just use a masking tape because it does not hurt to bad when stripped off. Just tape it over your skin where the glitters are and then remove the tape with the glitters.

Wash your hands

After you have removed the glitters from your hand, be sure to wash it clean with water and soap to remove the excess adhesive and any remaining glitter.

Apply hairspray

Hairspray has the ability to make the glitters stay in their position. If you are going to launder something that has glitters, then it is best to apply hairspray to it first so that the glitter will not stick to other clothes. Simply spray over the hairspray to the glittered area and wait for it to dry, turn the cloth inside out and then put into the washer.

You can also use the hairspray method when you are doing school projects. Simply use the hairspray and it will make the glitters stay together and not stick to other surfaces.

What worked for you?

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