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How to Get Rid of Gnats

Gnats are species of tiny flying insects that often form in swarms especially at dusk. They can be very irritating in the house often circling around leftover foods or in trash bins that are exposed. Gnats closely resemble another equally irritating species, common houseflies but they are even smaller and as mentioned, they usually form in swarms.

These insects also feed on plants while some are carnivorous. Aside from exposed trash, if you have a garden, they will most likely be there as well. Gnats reproduce at a rapid rate even though they have a short lifespan that lasts 2 to 4 months. During these months, you can just imagine the number of gnats that breed, effectively multiplying their number.

Preventing the spread of gnats is not an easy task as most conventional bug spray does not work on them. Here are several steps you can follow to remove these pests from your house.

Clean your surroundings

It is a safe bet to say that, you don’t even have to recognize these insects if they are not present. Gnats, like flies love to feed on food and wastage as well as plants. So to start it off, you will need to clean areas where they inhabit. Make sure that you cover the trash and get rid of them if they are full. Frequently removing trash and other waste from your house will prevent attracting these insects.

Identify the entry points and close them down

Gnats are small insects and they can get inside the house through tiny seams in windows or doors. You may want to fix these seams or install screens on the doors and windows to keep out gnats or other types of insects at home.

As mentioned earlier, remove anything that can even attract them inside the house such as covering trash cans.

Eliminate by using different techniques

Bug sprays can get rid of the insect immediately but there is a big chance that they can come back. You will need to follow it up with different solutions by using several techniques both artificially and naturally.

Gnats can infest even the drain of your sink, since there may be food bits that can get into it. You can pour a sufficient amount of ammonia to the drain which will cause the gnats to die very quikly.

One of the most popular ways to get rid of gnats is by using apple cider vinegar and soap mixture. You will have to mix the two liquids in separate cups and place them where gnats usually linger. This is best used outdoors especially in gardens since gnats are also attracted to plants. The vinegar will attract the gnats and will get caught by the dish soap and eventually die.

Hire exterminators

If worse comes to worst, you may have to hire an exterminator to help you rid of the gnats. Only resort to this option if there is a huge amount of gnats that would be equal to an infestation. Exterminators will use chemicals that can immediately remove the threat while also offering substances or other chemicals that can prevent breeding of gnats, effectively lessening their numbers.  To find an exterminator in your area, consider using services such as to find the best quotes in your area.

This can be both beneficial but damaging as well, since they use chemicals to get rid of the insects rather than natural solutions that can be done at home.

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