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How to Get Rid of Goat Lice

There are several creatures that feed on other living creatures to provide sustenance. These creatures are well known as parasites and they present several problems to its host. They feed on the blood of the hose which can greatly affect its health. If the conditions are worst, parasites can even cause disease or ailments.

Almost every living creature can provide home to parasites. Humans get it even though we clean ourselves daily and it’s no wonder why animals can get them if they do not have the same level of personal hygiene as human does. Goats can have lice, small tick like creatures that suck on their blood that is a total nuisance to the animal.

Lice can spread to other animals and the problem can get worst if the source is not taken care of. There are several steps that you can do to kill off goat lice and you see if the method described below is applicable for your use. Just be sure that in getting rid of goat lice, the goat would be left unharmed:

Isolation is important

Parasite can transfer from one host to another through contact and it would be a good idea to isolate goats that show signs of being infected by parasites. Goat lice can jump to other goats and can populate which could further aggravate the goats. Once you have identified a goat has lice, transfer them to another location and start treating them.

You are probably aware that any type of contagious disease is spread easily specially in a crowded environment and the same can be said for goat lice. If they see the opportunity to go to another healthy host, they will not hesitate to do this.

Spray lice insecticide

There are lice insecticides that you can purchase from stores which you can apply to the goat by spraying it on them. The insecticide spray does not contain any harmful ingredients that have negative effects to the goat. Make sure that when you spray it on the goat, it will cover the whole body so that every inch of the goat will be treated.

Regularly shower goats

Showering goats will discourage parasites. Make sure that you shower goats in a regular basis, this may not be done daily but it is encouraged to make a schedule for this. When you shower goats, make sure you clean them thoroughly. Showering will also rinse lice that clings on the fur, and any clean animal is less attractive to parasites.

Use lice treatment shampoo

There are shampoos specially formulated to get rid of lice from goats. It is formulated with special ingredients that can kill lice upon regular contact with it. You can apply this when you shower goats.

Use a small amount of shampoo and rub it on the goat making sure that the body is well covered with shampoo. If possible, you can brush the goat while you shampoo them as this will get rid of lice that cling on the fur.

Provide a clean shelter

A clean shelter will not encourage other creatures to inhabit it. Thus regularly cleaning goat cells will remove the possibility of parasites living in it which reduces the chance of lice infesting goats. A clean environment would also prevent other types of parasites and diseases that can affect any animals being domesticated.

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