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How to Get Rid of Goggle Marks

Swimming or diving is a recreation a lot of people perform. Unfortunately, water is not the natural habitat of human beings. This is the reason there are several swimming gears available to make our swimming experience more comfortable. We can wear fins and we can use oxygen tanks and for our eyes, we can use goggles.

Unfortunately, goggles can leave mark around our eyes. Goggles work like suction cups and if you happen to use suction cups on your skin, well the result is not desirable. To prevent water from going in the goggles when they are worn, the goggles are tightly sealed which would create a mark that can take some time before it goes away.

Although goggle marks would not go away as fast as we want them to be, there are different methods that we can do to make sure that they are less noticeable and that they are not as prominent as they should be. The following should help you rid of goggle marks:

Use the right type of goggles

Probably the biggest reason why we get goggle marks is that we use goggles that have low quality. There are goggles available cheaply but their quality is not on par with goggles manufactured y well known brands. Cheap goggles may not fit correctly to our heads and the plastic used to manufacture them may also have an effect to our skin.

You can purchase goggles manufactured by known brands trusted by the most popular and skillful athletes. These goggles are designed by professionals and they did research on this to make sure that they are comfortable to use.

Make the right adjustments

People have different sized heads and this is the reason why goggles have an adjustable strap attached to it. When you wear goggles, make sure that the strap is not tightly adjusted since the tighter it gets, the harder it will press against your skin. After a while, you will notice the effects of a tight goggle via goggle marks.

When you first wear your goggle, you can try it out by fitting it to your head correctly then go underwater to check if there will be water going in. If water goes in, adjust it one more notch then try it out again until you find the right adjustment that is not too tight but would also prevent the water from going in.

Remove goggles

If you are in for long sessions of swimming, you may need to remove the goggles every once in a while and give your skin a rest. By doing this, the goggle will not be able to press on your skin constantly which gives it time to recover. It is suggested that you remove the goggles every 15 minutes and leave it off for about 2 minutes.

Wash your face

After swimming, wash your face with cold water and moisturize it immediately. Washing it with cold water would help tighten the skin. If you have tan, you may opt to use foundation to match the color of the skin.

Swim indoors

This should be done in extreme cases only and if it’s available. There are swimming pools located indoors which can make the effects of goggles less visible. There are chances that goggle marks would come in form of a tan which would show a different color compared to the rest of the natural color of the skin.

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