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How to Get Rid of Goosebumps

Everyone has probably heard a spine tingling tale about a ghost that wanders an empty house and terrorizes the people that live in it. As the story reaches its climax, you feel your hair rises from your foot all the way to the back of the head this sensation is called Goosebumps. Goosebumps is not only associated with fear, it is also associated with nostalgia, pleasure or awe.

Goosebumps should be temporary as it usually goes away after a few seconds, except if your friend doesn’t stop telling you scary stories. There are cases wherein goosebumps stay a little longer and sometimes permanently. This is the time when you seek for help in getting rid of goosebumps.

Although not very painful, goosebumps can make you shiver and this can be annoying in the long run. You don’t need medication to make goosebumps go away, all you need to do is to perform the following procedures so you can get those goosebumps away for good, well at least until you hear a horror story:

Wait until it’s gone

Goosebumps are usually felt during the height of an emotion related to fear, nostalgia or pleasure. It is most prominent at the peak of these emotions and this is the time they get us to shiver the most. Just wait until it naturally goes away; in most conditions they only occur if the previous sensations are felt.

There are times that you cannot control your emotions and this is where goosebumps usually kicks in. These are the times when you would just have to expect to have goosebumps and let it subside the natural way. There is no harm in experiencing this and some people actually prefer having it since they feel more excited.

Get warm

Sometimes, extreme cold can cause goosebumps. What’s worse with this is that they can cause goosebumps. Have you ever shivered due to extreme cold? Well, if you have goosebumps you can double that feeling. Our body is affected by the cold in a number of ways and having goosebumps is one of them.

Make sure that you wear extra layers of clothing in cold weather conditions. You can also turn the heater up to raise the temperature of your body. When taking a bath, make sure that you turn on the hot water as well and wait for the water’s temperature to become neutral. Once that cold streak of shower hits you, it’s going to give you goosebumps like crazy.

Oatmeal and fruits

Remember that goosebumps do not occur temporarily since there are goosebumps that can be permanent and this is an annoying situation. You can use apply different types of fruits to the skin where the goosebump is. You can make juice from different fruits or vegetables such as apple, mango or spinach and spread this to the affected area three to four times a day. The natural chemicals in the fruits and vegetables can help prevent goosebumps from occurring.

There are skin care products mixed with oatmeal and you can use this to get rid of more permanent goosebumps as well. Like a bubble bath, there are bath products that contain oatmeal where you can just soak your body in the tub to be covered. Perform this during the entire duration of your bath routine and this can help get rid of goosebumps.

What worked for you?

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