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How to Get Rid of Gophers

There are a lot of gardens that hold different types of plants. Most of them are for decorative purposes only but there are people fond of planting edible plants such as vegetables. When you have plants such as these, the possibility of inviting pests is also huge. Pests come in different varieties and each is just as devastating as the others.

Most pests are insects that fly or crawl but there are animals that can feed on your plants and they can burrow underground far from your reach. They can stealthily steal your plants and feast on them. One of the animals capable of such destruction is gophers. These animals can dig under water pipes and electrical lines which make them even harder to capture or even detect.

Gophers can disrupt or destroy your garden and they don’t have any remorse for doing so since they are feeding to survive as well. They do not acknowledge you as an owner of the plot that they feast on so they do just what they have to do. This is the reason they should be treated as pests and here are some of the procedures that you can do to get rid of them:

Dig deep when fencing

A fence is the probably the item most used by garden owners to keep unwanted visitors off of their properties. The problem with fences is that they mostly discourage surface pests and gophers are known to burrow underground. Although this cannot be considered as a permanent solution for gophers, you should still dig fences at least two to three feet deep. This can discourage gophers within that depth from entering your premises.

You should put up taller fences for pests that are on the surface. This will also prevent gophers that have gone up the surface from climbing over the fence. Remember that fences are not permanent solution since gophers are known to dig up to 6 feet below the ground. If they figure that you did not dig enough, they can wise up and just dig deeper.

Flushed away

Gophers can be compared to miners; they have tunnels that are interconnected to each other which serve as passageway. If you see a gopher head poking from the ground, go the spot where you found them. Dig a hole deep enough to penetrate one of their tunnels and put your water hose into the hole. Turn on the faucet or if you have high pressure water tank then this is more ideal.

Flooding gophers out of their tunnels may take a while since the network of tunnels you are trying to flood can cover a large area. Naturally, gophers will attempt to escape once flooded and you may want to have a bat or shovel ready to give them a whack once they surface.

Fumigation may be required

Like flooding, fumigation is kind of the same procedure without the involvement of water. You will need to find the tunnels and smoke them out. This procedure is usually done by professional exterminators and certain permits may be required before this can be performed.

Trap them

You can purchase traps that are specifically designed to trap gophers. These traps can be purchased from hardware stores. Some of the traps are placed in the tunnels while some can be set up on top of the hole where gophers usually poke their head out.

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