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How to Get Rid of Gorilla Glue

Nowadays, breaking something doesn’t translate to throwing it away. These items, no matter what the material is can be fixed by glue. Glues have different strengths and depending on the type of glue a person uses, it can hold two broken pieces together with varying durability. There are glues that are extremely strong, they even have commercials where they glue a person, shoe on, on a flat wooden surface and turn the man upside down without him falling off.

One type of glue that can do this is known as the Gorilla Glue. Gorilla glues are very strong and they can withstand abuses both indoor and outdoor. There are times that we accidentally put glue on ourselves and due to the strong bonding properties, it can hold our skin together as well. Gorilla glue when it dries up can become a nuisance and we should take it off of our skin immediately.

Do not panic when you have gorilla glue on your skin. Rather, stay calm and follow the procedures described below to remove gorilla glue from your hands. As strong as gorilla glue is, a little ingenuity can get rid of it in no time. Just be certain that you will exert extra care when using gorilla glue next time:

Soap and water solution

Gorilla glue dries up really fast; when you accidentally apply it on your skin, soak the affected part in warm, soapy water. Let it soak in there for about 5 to 10 minutes and make sure that your skin is not pressed against any surface. After the allotted time, you can touch the affected area to see if there are bits of glue that has stayed in there. Repeat soaking it and scraping off the remaining dry glue until everything has been removed. You can also use this when gorilla glue dried up before you soak it in water.

After you soak the affected part of the skin in warm soapy water, you can apply lotion or moisturizer to it. Apply it and at the same time, rub the affected area to make sure that the dried glue is gently removed as well.

Use glass cleaner on wooden surface

The human body is not the only surface you can accidentally put gorilla glue on. Say you are working on a table and you put glue on it as well, you don’t have to worry since there are ways to remove it as well. One way you can remove gorilla glue from it is by applying glass cleaner on the surface. This will somehow soften the glue and let it sit in there for a little while before scraping it off of the surface.

Salt and rinsing with water

Another tip for removing gorilla glue from the skin is by applying generous amounts of salt. On the surface cover it with salt and apply it with small amount of water. Rub the mixture on your hand for about a minute.

Rinse the affected area from time to time with small amount of water. Do not fully rinse the salt and water mixture. Continue this until you feel the dried glue is slowly peeling away from the skin until everything is completely gone.

Wear protective gear

Prevention is still better than the cure. Make sure that you wear protective gear before using gorilla glue. Goggles to protect your eyes and heat resistant gloves can protect your hands. Also use toothpick or stick when applying small amounts of gorilla glue to a surface. As much as possible prevent direct contact to the skin when applying this product.

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