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How to Get Rid of Goutweed

Plants have different purposes in their ecosystem and the absence of one can greatly affect other surrounding living beings. Although they serve as an important component of an ecosystem, some plants can become a nuisance to other species of plants since some of them have invasive habits that can there are chances that they can eradicate other smaller plants.

The description is true for goutweed, they are considered as the worst of weeds since they readily spread over large areas. Goutweed can grow in your garden and they can be hard to remove since they just creep back and invade other types of plants. Careful removal is required to make sure that other plants do not get damaged in the process.

Goutweed just keeps on coming and many have lost patience and allow it to take over the garden which is a shame since the plants that they have grown in there could make the garden look astonishing. Goutweed can be hard to remove but it is possible, some of the tips that you can follow are stated below:

Pull them out manually

Plenty of people agree that manually pulling out goutweed is the best way to get rid of it. But remember that they can just keep on coming back. You should manually pull them out weekly so that they don’t spread. Make sure that you keep on going back the same spot where they try to spread to lessen the chances of their presence from worsening.

Manual labor can be hard and if you don’t have to remove them yourself, you can ask the help of contractors that can remove them for you. You can hire them bi monthly so that they will be able to maintain the garden as well. The task can be demanding but the benefits are very well worth the effort that you put into it.

Use weed killers

Weed killers are available in different gardening supply stores and you can put them inside spray cans for application. Chemicals such as Glyphosate can be mixed according to the manufacturer’s instruction for maximum effect. Spray the chemical directly to the goutweed making sure that there is minimal application on other types of plants that you do not want to kill. Weed killers are also available in different varieties, the most important effect that they have is that they go to the roots rather than just killing the leaves and stems of the plant.

Dig them out

Using a trowel, you will be able to dig out remaining goutweeds that stayed alive 24 hours after spraying chemicals to them. When you dig them out, make sure that you dig deep to their roots and do not leave any visible residue.

Alternatively, you can dig the goutweed first before spraying. This will lessen the effect of the chemical to other plants since there are considerably less goutweed to spray the chemical on.

The long way to destroy it

If you are not confident that goutweed is completely removed from your garden, you can remove the existing plants on your garden first and replant them later on. Although this would involve longer procedure, this prevents any potential damage to them in dealing with goutweeds.

You can also try covering the plants with plastic tarp to be sure that the goutweed doesn’t spread to it. Once they are covered with tarp, you can kill the goutweed with the usual chemicals and dig them out afterwards.

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