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How to Get Rid of Grackles

Birds are wonderful creatures that everyone sees as graceful as they soar across the sky and move from one place to another without any hitch. There are a lot of birds that roam the skies and each one has their own unique characteristics that set them apart. Birds are rarely considered as destructive forces but there are some breeds that do just this. One type of bird that has this property are grackles.

Grackles closely resemble crows and they often take flight in flocks to look for food which they often find in open lawns and farmlands. They would take over bird feeders and they can scare other birds that would want to feed on it. They would also eat crops that can leave farmland and yard empty and devastated.

This is the primary reason why people would want to get rid of grackles that flock to their properties. You will want to do this if you see what they can do to your property. You can try different methods to discourage grackles from seeking refuge in your house, and to help you out, listed below are some of the things that you can do to get rid of these birds:

Install visual distractions

Birds are a type of creature that is vigilant of their surroundings, who wouldn’t be in the animal kingdom where everything tries to eat you? Because of this, they often fly away from any distractions that they see. For example, you may have noticed birds fleeing away, faster than a speeding bullet, if they see someone fast approaching them.

Since this is the case, you can start preventing grackles from entering your property by installing visual distractions that would scare them off even before they set foot on your lawn. You can use aluminum foils that can reflect light. Placing the aluminum pieces on trees, hanging, will allow it to rotate around and reflect the light all over the place.

Audio deterrents are also a nice solution

Aside from visual distractions, you can also use audio deterrents that almost have the same effect as the former. Audio deterrents help distract grackles into thinking that there is a predator on the hunt for them. There are audio deterrents that sound like bigger birds which grackles are scared of. These audio deterrents are also motion activated, making it efficient to be used even if you are not out watching your yard.

Speakers should be placed all around the yard where the grackles usually perch on. There are a lot of audio selection that you can choose from as a deterrent and they can be played through the system once it detects motion.

Clean up your yard

As what has been mentioned earlier, birds often flock in search for food and shelter. With the kind of perspective that they have, they can see a lot of things from where they’re situated. When they see that you have tons of trash in your yard, you can guarantee that there are birds that would pay a visit to your property.

Make sure that the yard is cleaned up. Pick up the trashes and make sure that everything is covered in a trash bin so nothing can get into it. There are other animals that can be attracted by the food particles that lie around your lawn and they can attract grackles as well.

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