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How to Get Rid of Graffiti

Artists express themselves through different means. There are some people that are inclined to different forms of art such as music and sculpture. However, one of the many ways that an artist expresses himself is through drawings or paintings. This type of artists uses a canvas to create their world, but there are others that would rather express their talents in public, albeit illegally most of the time.

Street artists have the knack to put what they feel on public walls, this is the art of graffiti. A lot of times they feature urban art which is recent but there are times that no matter how good looking the art is, they still don’t belong to that particular place and you want to get rid of it. Street artists usually use different kinds of paint such as liquid aerosols and oil.

Graffiti is a heck of a problem for local government officials since the place can look dirty in no time. Uncontrolled graffiti, especially with bad drawing, can ruin a good wall and if you get it in your house, you can be in trouble as well. If you did get this type of art in your house walls, here are some things that you can do to remove the paint used to make graffiti:

Use solvents to remove the paint

If you have used paint before and you got them on you, then you are aware that paint is nothing permanent if you do something to remove it. There are chemical solvents available specifically designed to remove paint. One of these chemical solvents is thinner. They can be purchased from any hardware store.

Thinner, softens the paint which makes it easier to remove. Just apply enough thinner on a piece of rag and wipe the graffiti away. You may have to apply the solvent more than once to let the paint fade away.

Use your rights as a citizen

If the problem with graffiti is hurting your area, you can actually suggest to your local government to have something for people that does graffiti. You don’t want people punished so rather than disciplining hem using punishments, you can suggest to has freedom walls or designated areas where artists can paint and draw as they please. This will allow them to express themselves while at the same time, saving your town from the mess the graffiti can bring.

Paint over the graffiti

There are times that you can’t just remove the paint from graffiti because of the enormous size of it. If you feel that the graffiti is really big and you can’t do anything about it. You can simply buy paint and paint over the graffiti. This is a costly solution and at the same time, it doesn’t guarantee that people won’t be attracted to paint once again.

You will have to shell out some cash to accomplish this feat just be sure that you buy the same colored paint as the rest of the wall.

Guard your property

Since your house if supposed to be your property, you can apply safety measures that can prevent graffiti artists from making your house into a larger than life canvas. You can install fences to deter them. You can also purchase guard dogs to intimidate anyone that would like to enter your property uninvited. Always be vigilant and contact local authorities if there are any people attempting to paint graffiti into your house.

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