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How to Get Rid of Grape Vines

When growing plants, there is a big chance that something unwanted will grow as well. Take for example your garden; take a long look at it. If you have just cleaned or trimmed your garden, leave it untouched for at least a month. It is guaranteed that you will be able to see different stuff growing together with your plants. You may notice weeds, and definitely, you didn’t want it to grow together with your grass.

Aside from weeds, there are other types of plants that you don’t want growing next to trees. Grape vines, grows aggressively and can become really unmanageable in your garden. They also stop other trees from growing which can be a nuisance. Just with this description alone, you don’t want these plants growing next to your trees.

Grape vines can smother out existing plants that you have taken care of in your garden. Their shade can also cover smaller plants that can prevent them from getting sustenance which can kill them as well. Getting rid of grape vines should be a priority once you spot them, unless you want a nasty takeover bid of your garden. To help you with this cause, a few lists of tips are shown below:

Cut them instead of pulling

Well you can actually pull grape vines but be sure that the vines that you are pulling are still young. Juvenile grape vines that have not grown to their full potential can be taken care of by pulling. Before you pull them, you should wear protective gear that will prevent you from getting injured. Grasp the vine with both your hands just near the base and then pull them upward so you can uproot them. To kill these juvenile vines, you should dry them out under the sun and throw them away afterwards.

For fully grown grape vines, you should rather just cut them instead of pulling them. Grape vines are tough and you will simply waste both your time and effort in pulling them. You may also injure yourself as well as the tree where the grape vine has grown into. If you have a hand saw, this is an ideal tool since they are flexible and perfect for the grape vine formations.

Make a solution of weed killer and household items

If your garden has been invaded by grape vines and cutting them one at a time will take a lot of your time, you can use chemical solutions that can kill the weed. Purchase a selective herbicide and mix it with vinegar, salt and liquid soap. You don’t have to shower the grape vine with this solution, rather, place it inside a spray bottle and spray it onto the grape vines. Do not overspray since it can affect the trees that you don’t intend to kill.

A simple mist of herbicide solution will be able to weaken the grape vines and it will kill them eventually. The grape vines will usually die out within 14 days. Also, if you are using a generally used herbicide, avoid spraying it on plants that you don’t want dead since it can affect them negatively.

Monitor and keep watch on growing vines

All of your efforts in getting rid of grape vines will go to waste if you don’t maintain your yard or garden. So make sure that you keep an eye on any growing plants that you didn’t want in the first place. Taking care of the problem while they are still on the early stages is definitely easier.

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