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How to Get Rid of Grass Spiders

We usually call them insects but the more correct term for the are arachnids. Just the name alone can send shivers down to your spine. Spiders are one of the most feared animals in the planet. Just their appearance alone will greatly scare you. The worst part is that spiders doesn’t come in one shape and size, there are a lot of species of spiders out there to get you.

One type of spider that you can find is called the grass spider. The grass spider is a name used for a type of funnel weaver spider. This type of spider usually builds their webs in lawns and grassy fields, hence the name grass spiders. Grass spiders are the most commonly seen type of funnel weaver spiders in the US. Their body length can grow up to 1 inch.

Let’s get down to the point and say that grass spiders are not pests. As a matter of fact, they are beneficial predators that feed on insects which can be considered as pests. Another thing that you should remember with grass spiders is that they don’t usually leave their webs and they do not enter the homes. But they do bite when provoked. This might be one good reason to deal with them and here are some of the things that you can do to deal with grass spiders:

Is there a need to get rid of them?

Grass spiders, as mentioned earlier, are beneficial predators. This means that no matter how they look like, they exist not to torment you but the prey that thrives in your garden. So you ask the most important question of these spiders existence. To kill or not to kill?

If you feel that they are a threat to your family and their population is just overwhelming, then you should start dealing with them. But consider other factors first; there are other insects that can be considered as pest which grass spiders feed on, preventing them from messing up your lawn. So you should weigh your options and decide if you will kill the grass spiders’ population or use them to your advantage before you get rid of them.        

Search and destroy

Before you get rid of grass spiders, it is important to understand their ecology. Try to find out where they live and what they eat. Obviously, grass spiders wouldn’t be obliged to give you their address so you would have to hunt them down. Where do they live you ask? First, read their name, and you will figure it out. Well they don’t live exactly in grass but they build their funnels close to leaves and rocks.

Once you find where their hideout is, then this is the time that you strike. Since grass spiders would usually breed on the same spot mentioned above, you can easily kill them and any unborn spiders. Although rather than killing them completely, it would be a good idea to leave some of them alive as you can use them as natural predators of pests.

Spray insecticides directly at them

If spiders are outside of your house, then there really is no concern for their existence since they are in their natural habitat. But if you must, you can use the most conventional insecticides on them. This will not have an effect to the plants that will be sprayed on when you deal with them.

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