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How to Get Rid of Grass Stains

Children love to play around. They will run, jump and roll on the ground. When you visit a park, or have a picnic, the very first thing that your children would do is roll on the grass. And you would say, hey it’s okay at least the grass will cushion their fall when they trip or start rolling around. But after their playtime you will see what the real problem is. You see streaks of green stains on your children’s clothes.

Grass stains can be obtained when your children play on grass or when you work on your garden. Remember that grass is green and this color can easily transfer to your clothing, the worst part is that you get double the offer as mud stain and grass stain usually goes hand in hand. Grass stains and mud stains will multiply your headache more than twice.

Grass stains are not hard to deal with and there are several methods that you can do to get rid of it. The best method to deal with grass stains is by dealing with them while you just got them on and they are still fresh. Grass stains shouldn’t get you worried since there can be a lot of method that you can use to deal with them and here are some of the following procedures that you can do:

Treat the stain the quickest possible time

Such as the case with other type of stains, you should treat the problem the soonest possible time. When you notice that there is grass stain on your clothes, you should place it under running water and let it soak for a few minutes until you notice the stain to fade a little bit. After you soak the fabric in water, you can now wash it the usual way.

By attending to the stain immediately, you prevent it from going deeper into the fabric and further making the stain concentrate on it and harder to remove. Water would weaken the effect of the stain and can make your life easier later on as you attempt to remove the stain.

Use powder detergents that contains enzymes      

If there is one thing good about detergents is that they are capable of making your clothes clean and smell good at the same time. Powdered detergent is the most commonly used type of soap when washing clothes. You just have to load your clothes in the washing machine, add soap and water and you will have clean clothes.

To double the effect of detergents, it would be a good idea to buy detergents that contain enzymes. Enzymes are capable of breaking apart the chemicals that make up the stain which makes the stain loose. To even maximize the effects of the detergent, you should rub it on the stain until it fades even further.

Use bleach on non colored fabrics

There is no denying what bleach does to your clothes. They are so powerful that your colored fabric will turn into white if it comes in contact with it. If you have grass stains on your white pieces of clothing, you can soak it in water with bleach. It would be a good idea to soak them overnight before you start washing them with detergent. Using bleach is the most common solution in removing stain from white fabric so why don’t you give it a try?

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