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How to Get Rid of Grass

One of the best things in having a lawn is the grass. Grasses is what make the most out of a landscaping. However, there are times that when you feel that there is a lot of grass in your yard and what’s worse is that they can invade your garden. Now a lot of people confuse a lawn and a garden. Grasses should stay in the lawn and anything in excess should be removed.

Grass is an integral part of your landscaping and there really is no reason why you should get rid of it. But there are some reasons why you should get rid of grass. You may be installing a garden or walkway or you simply just want to see less of them. You may have plenty of reasons to get rid of grass and as long as it’s your property, then it is valid.

Getting rid of grass should be fairly easy but there are things that you need to consider since you can damage your soil or other plants in the process. There are different things that you can do to get rid of grass from your garden and the list below can help you with this endeavor. Putting grass in place should help you get started:

Apply herbicides to the grass

One thing is for sure when you use herbicides to your grass; it can kill them in an instant. One of the most common ways people use to deal with grass. But remember that you will have to use a glyphosate based herbicide since there are other types of herbicides that are formulated specifically to kill broadleaf plants.

Herbicides can harm the body and you should observe care when applying it to the grass. You should also use selective herbicides to kill just the grass and prevent killing other types of plants in your garden. If you are uncertain of trying this method out, you should simply just skip this procedure and try other methods of killing grass.

Prevent the grass from re growing

One thing about grass is that they are living things. When a grass dies, you should need to remove the roots also known as sod. If you are serious about killing grass, then you should deal with the sod since if you don’t do it, you will waste all of your efforts removing the grass in the first place. Right after you take the grass off the surface, then you should start digging the sod out.

You can use different yard tools such as a flat shovel. Dig out the sod and try to go as deep as you could to make sure that you remove all of the sod that will allow the grass to re grow. If you have a larger piece of land, you can use a tractor or a skid loder and skim the sod right off the top mechanically.

Use edging and landscaping techniques

There is a fabric popular in the landscaping industry which is known as edging and landscape fabric. They are very affordable and very easy to install as well. What this product does is they keep the grass in place and prevents them from growing where they are not supposed to grow. Place the edging against the sod and secure the stakes using the edging stakes then install the landscape fabric on the surface until it is secured.

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