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How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers

No matter how cool some insects look like, they sometimes cause damage to your properties which is the result of the grasshoppers feeding off of the plant life in your garden or yard. Grasshoppers are one type of creature that are difficult to control and contain and they will eat any type of vegetation. They are like locusts as well as they will feed oof of the resources from one area and move on to the next.

Grasshoppers are really cool to look at. We all know them as jumping insects and migratory when they reach adulthood. There is no need to tell you how grasshoppers look like since they can be easily identified by their long legs as well as their bright green to brownish colored body. They can significantly damage plants and flowers and for this reason alone, you may want to get rid of them.

Grasshoppers are a nuisance in small numbers but they can be a force of destruction in large numbers. The bad part is that they usually come in large numbers which spells trouble for your plants. To kill or get rid of grasshoppers, you should try different procedures some of which can be found below. Read on to make sure that grasshoppers are dealt with accordingly:

Cilantro as a natural means of deterrent

Before you use chemicals to get rid of grasshoppers, you should try natural means to get rid of them. There are certain types of plant that grasshoppers cannot stand and one of them is cilantro. Grasshoppers have very sensitive sense of smell that they will be deterred by the smell of cilantro. It would be best to plant cilantro around the garden.

You should also observe where grasshoppers often feed and plant cilantro in that particular area. Cilantro is available in various stores where you can purchase plant seeds. It may take a while before the plant grows and you should make sure that you have other means of deterrent prepared while waiting for these plants to grow.

Spray garlic oil on the affected plants

Another way to deter grasshoppers is by using a solution made from garlic and mineral oil. Garlic and mineral oil solution should be soaked overnight and then strain the garlic into a spray bottle. Add water to the solution and spray it to the affected area. Because of the smell of the garlic oil, grasshoppers will be deterred by the smell and the sliminess of the plant.

Place traps around the plants in your area

Grasshoppers love to roam around looking for food where they can feed on. To prevent them moving from one location to another, you should place sticky traps that will stop them from bouncing. You can try using molasses as traps. Grasshoppers will be attracted by the sweet smell of the molasses and once they land on to it, they will be captured by the molasses. There are other insects that can be attracted by the molasses so make sure that you replace it every once in awhile.

If you have chickens

Grasshoppers have natural predators and if you own a farm and you have problems with grasshoppers, you should get chickens. Chickens and grasshoppers do not coexist as chickens make gourmet food out of grasshoppers; they need the protein as well. Chickens will make sure that your farm is free from grasshoppers and you don’t have to worry about their existence as long as the chickens are around.

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