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How to Get Rid of Grease Stains

They say that there is nothing like the taste of fried food. Although admittedly, fried food is kind of dry, but the flavor that you get from searing is next to nothing. One of the problems involved when frying food is that the oil gets everywhere. When you hear that sizzle, you can expect the oil to go wild and just pop onto your clothes, wall or carpet.

Grease stains is the result of this incident and it is one of the most hardest stains to remove from your clothing due to the fact that the composition of food particles combined with the oil makes for one heck of a stain. Aside from cooking, you can expect to get grease stains from any items that uses oil as an ingredient such as lotion and make up.

As mentioned, grease stains can be one of the toughest stains to remove. But remember, we mentioned it is one of the toughest, we didn’t say it is impossible. There are a variety of ways to deal with grease stains and to help you get started, the list provided below can guide you on how to effectively deal with grease stains:

Act immediately to remove the stains

Whenever you get any type of stains on your clothes, you should act on it immediately to avoid getting into trouble later on. You may want to place the fabric under running water to make sure that the stain fades which will make it easier to remove later on. Be sure to check for the care instructions for the clothes to avoid damaging it any further.

Aside from running water into the fabric, you can also buy pre treatment spray that you can use to weaken the hold of the stain on your fabric. After spraying this product to your clothes, let it sit for about 2 minutes and pour laundry detergent to the affected area and let it work into the stain for faster removal later on.

Moisten the stain with a bit of WD 40

There will be instances that the stain would set on the fabric which can make them even harder to remove. What you want to do with these type of stains is to spray a bit of WD 40 into it to soften the stain which makes it easier to remove. Again, remember to check the care instructions of the clothes to make sure that you don’t damage it any further.

Aside from pieces of clothing, you can also use this product on other materials where grease stains have penetrated. You can use it on carpet or cookware to easily remove the grease stains. Just be sure to wash these materials thoroughly to remove any residue of the chemical.

Absorb it with paper bag and flat iron

Grease stains are not as hard to remove from carpets if you have the right solution. Instead of throwing your carpet away, you may want to grab a plain brown paper bag and place it on the affected area. Get a warm iron and place it on top of the paper bag until the grease is absorbed and transferred to the bag. You can apply carpet shampoo to deal with the actual stain once the grease has been removed. Rub the shampoo to the affected area and wipe off the suds with a clean cloth or a sponge to finish the job.

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