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How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

Cartoons have the tendency to present to us cute and cuddly animals that we just want to hug all day. However, their screen representation does not sit well in the real world as some of them are considered a nuisance or even pests. Once you see a groundhog in real life, it will bring you back to the image of these cartoon characters where in reality, they would eat your vegetation and make holes in your land.

Groundhogs love to eat vegetation and no, they will not ask permission from the land owner if they can take a nice big piece of carrot to go. They will just take it. Groundhogs are also burrowers, and they build complex tunnels that they use to get around quickly without endangering their existence. Other animals can get injured as they unsuspectingly step on the holes that groundhogs made.

Because of these reasons, land owners stop at nothing to deal with groundhogs. There are different methods in dealing with groundhogs. You can prevent them from getting in your yard or you can use lethal methods to take them out permanently. Some of the things that you can do to get rid of groundhogs can be found below for your perusal:

Set up traps around your yard

When dealing with groundhogs, you don’t have to be cruel by killing them. Instead you can install traps in your yard if you suspect the presence of groundhogs. Live traps is the best type of trap that you can use since you will be able to capture the animals alive and let the local animal control deal with them.

When you place traps in your yard, make sure that you put bait on it to attract the groundhogs to their demise. Place the traps close to the holes where the groundhogs burrow as these are the spots where they will likely appear.

Build a fence that surrounds your property

One of the most effective ways of keeping different creatures and animals from entering your yard is by installing fence around it. This is a good investment especially if you are certain that there has been no signs of groundhogs in your property. The problem with fences is that groundhogs can climb over them or dig under it.

All you have to do to deal with this problem is to build your fences higher and dig deeper when installing them. The fence should have an allowance of at least one feet burrowed underneath to make sure that nothing can enter from below or at least lessen that chance of underground invaders such as the groundhogs.

Buy yourself a guard dog

Groundhogs are scared of movement and this can be provided to you by guard dogs that are very aggressive. The loud noises and sudden movements of guard dogs can deter groundhogs from burrowing into your property. There is nothing like intimidating groundhogs which will make them think twice before entering your property.

Draw them out of their holes

If you find holes in your property, no matter what is burrowing underneath it, you should take care of it immediately. You should drop moth balls in the holes to discourage the groundhogs from staying there. You should also cover the holes with ammonia soaked rags that will put them off so they will not be able to use their senses.

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