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How to Get Rid of Hair Algae

A hair algae is commonly a sign of nutrient disproportion in the system as a whole. For most of us, seeing green, hairy-like substance infesting the aquarium is not really pleasant. For one, it gives us the feeling that the aquarium is dirty. It also draws back the attention from all the other sea creatures inside. Most of all, it’s just plain annoying!

Experts say that the underlying cause of the continuous growth of algae may be difficult to determine. It also varies from one scenario to the other. So it may be a trial and error process—it’s a lot of work but it’s definitely possible.

Check your parameters

Normally, we just know that an aquarium requires a tank, water, rocks, a couple of fishes and viola! Everything is perfect. Little did we know that there are a lot of things to consider. The following are the correct parameters for your aquarium:

pH                            8.0 – 8.3
Ammonia              0
Nitrites                   0
Nitrates                  10ppm or less
Alkalinity                8 – 11dKH
Specific Gravity   1.026
Calcium                  400 – 450
Phosphate            .03 or less

Feed your fish with just the right amount of food

Overfeeding the fish will result to having a lot of excess food. These excess foods will become extra nutrients in the water for the algae. Also, overfeeding would mean that the fish will it more than usual. That would also mean that they will produce more waste products which a perfect fertilizer for algae.

Regulate the light exposure

Like most organisms, algae rely in light for their survival and all their life processes. They are called photosynthetic organisms. With this on hand, you should always make sure that the aquarium is not placed in a position wherein it will get direct sunlight. Also, keep in mind that light will do the same thing. What you can do is to turn off the lights at night. A light fixture timer is also reliable to make sure that the lights will only be opened for approximately 8 to 10 hours a day.

Change water regularly

Waste of the fishes and excess food are the two major ingredients for the rapid growth of algae. The best possible way to eliminate this possibility is to change your water monthly. Also, while you are in this process, you will also have the chance to clean all other objects and ornaments. That way, the water stays clean and free of other elements that may initiate algae growth.

Water Management

Hair algae are a kind of algae, light green or green-gray in color, that can cause much irritation in an aquarium. Hair algae multiply quite quickly within a favorable setting and an aquarium is a good breeding ground hence can be crammed with lengthy, lime hairs instantly.

Hair algae grow when the nitrate intensities are permitted to go beyond 10ppm and an abrupt hair algae surge in the aquarium is frequently an indication of poor water management. Inspect the water quality habitually and replace water often. Passing up over feeding is vital. Several aquarium fanatics have successfully dealt with a potential hair algae problem by shifting to feeling live food only. Live food that survives until eaten will not boost the nitrate levels up as high as unconsumed dead food.

What worked for you?

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